Bike Insurance


Bike Insurance

We are a famous Bike Insurance company that provides ultimate financial protection to your old and new bikes. A bike needs a lot of repair and maintenance apart from regular servicing. Especially when we talk about new ones. So, if you purchase a new bike then purchase a New Bike Insurance Policy from us to protect yourself from monetarist losses. It becomes very hard for you to bear the repairing expenses when you bumped your new bike to an electric pillar. But if you will buy bike insurance policy on time then you don’t have to pay a single rupee from your pocket.

Apart from the repairing expenses, a Bike Insurance policy will pay for your other losses as well. Regardless of an accident, natural calamity, man-made disaster, fire, collision with a wall are some other causes of a damaged bike. Thus, a Bike Insurance company will also consider these incidents to provide comprehensive protection to your bike from damages.

If a cyclone or earthquake hit your bike and it gets damaged then what will you do at that time? At that time a pre-purchased Bike Insurance plans will be more than a relief. As it will not only repair in case of minor damages but also pay you the current market price of the bike if it gets completely damaged. However, you can purchase one from us at a pocket-friendly premium.

In addition, a Bike Insurance will also pay you for a stolen bike. Furthermore, if you face any issue while making a claim then our executives are always there to help you. Also, in case if you need assistance regarding anything about the bike insurance coverage then our experts will guide you the best. You will get a complimentary third party coverage with all the online bike insurance policies.


What is bike insurance?

Bike insurance is a type of insurance that shields the bike owner from any unexpected occurrences like damage to the bike or accident of the owner.

Which type of bile insurance is better?

The comprehensive bike insurance policy is considered as the best for bikes because of its coverage.

What are the types of bike insurance?

Two main types of bike insurance include comprehensive and Third Party Liability insurance.

What to consider when choosing an insurer for bike insurance?

When buying bike insurance, make sure to know about the market reputation and claim settlement ratio of the insurer.

What is the best insurance policy?

The best insurance policy helps the insurance buyers to compare different policies to find the best one.

What is covered under bike insurance?

Under bike insurance, your vehicle will be covered against damage, loss, and theft.

Can I buy bike insurance online?

Yes, all the insurers provide this facility to the policy buyers to buy online insurance without and hassle.

What is first party bike insurance?

This policy is purchased to cover the insured person against damages or losses that happened by the insured person to his person or property.

What is third party bike insurance?

This type of insurance covers the insured person against legal liability for death, property damage, or injury caused to any other third party.

What is 2nd party insurance?

This is a policy that covers the injury or damages sustained by you.