Max Bupa Health Insurance Review in Detail

Max Bupa Health Insurance Review in Detail

Max Bupa Health Insurance Limited Company is a leading insurance company that offers first-class health insurance to its customers. The company offers a wide range of health insurance plans to manage financial opportunities in medical emergencies. Max Bupa Health Insurance Review says that their policyholders provide insurance support for all their clients. The company was founded in 2008 in India. 

Bupa, a UK-based healthcare provider, has an extensive network of 29 million customers in 190 countries, while Max India Limited offers healthcare and insurance services expertise in India. The merger unites the two giants to provide competent health and insurance services in India.

The reason for this successful synergistic relationship is the vision and value of both companies. As Max Bupa and Max India Limited and Health Insurance Limited Company, Max Bupa wants to become India’s most admired health insurance company. They do very hard work to become one of the best health insurance in India. The company shares a common mission to deliver world-class customer service and health insurance products. Max Bupa believes in building a long-term relationship with its customers and becoming the preferred choice for customers as their health insurance partner.

Things to Covered Under Best Health Insurance Policy in India

1). Quick and easy Max Bupa health insurance easy online purchase.

2). Health insurance companies offer a maximum of 1 ruble.

3). Provides insurance coverage for the whole family, including newborns and seniors, through a range of individual and family float plans.

4). Max Bupa pays the birth costs of mothers and newborns 2 years after taking the Heartbeat health insurance.

5). Max Bupa Health Insurance Review provides information that Some health insurance plans also cover existing illnesses.

6). Includes the option to extend the lifetime.

7). Hospital rent includes health expenses before and after hospitalization, reimbursement of OPD expenses, organ donation, and daycare.

8). Hospital accommodation at home and in hospitals is included.

9). Includes emergency services that allow the policyholder to extend the annual basic insurance amount when all or some of them are exhausted. This advantage is valid for all plans except Family Plan First.

10). It includes regular health checks once or twice a year.

11). Max Bupa has an extensive list of more than 3,500 network hospitals in India where the insured person can use cashless facilities in the hospital.

13). Some Max Bupa health insurance plans include cancer, transplant, etc. It is located.

What is not included in health insurance policy?

While the full list of exceptions depends on the plan you choose, below is a list of the most common exclusions included in the maximum health plans by best health insurance policy in India.

  1. Existing diseases do not cover a certain waiting period. Insurance protection allows only after the waiting period
  2. Some treatments and diseases, such as hernias, skin, and prosthetic joints, expect.
  3. Diseases within the first 30 to 90 days after the purchase of the policy insure only if they are accidental
  4. Cosmetic treatments exclude
  5. HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases do not include
  6. Unless otherwise states, pregnancy and childbirth do not insure
  7. Dental plans do not include in most plans
  8. Diseases or injuries from war, riots, riots, riots, and nuclear threats exclude.

Features of Max health insurance by Max Bupa Health Insurance Review

  • Direct demand solution service: All requests made with Max Bupa are processed smoothly in a direct process. There are no external managers and questions handle by an experienced customer service team.
  • Fast and most reliable cashless services: Max Bupa has an extensive network of cashless authorization networks that provides customers with high-quality healthcare services within 30 minutes.
  • Better coverage options: Max Bupa health insurance review offers the best health insurance service that provides comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
  • International service: Those who prefer the Heartbeat Platinum plan can benefit from medical treatment abroad for some critical diseases.
  • Maternity allowance service: In the health insurance programs offered by Max Bupa, pregnancy is insured before and after birth.
  • Family coverage service: All family members, including seniors and newborns, can stay in one plan.
  • Lifetime renewal service: Max Bupa offers guidelines that can be easily expanded for life.

Different Insurance services by Max Bupa Health Insurance Review 

It is a leader and offers the best health insurance in India. The company tries to develop health insurance plans according to the needs of its customers. The holding company offers its customers and their families special health products and services. Below is a comprehensive list of various health insurance services by Max Bupa Health Insurance Review.

Health insurances by Max Bupa roughly divide into three different categories. Let’s fully understand the classification and types of health insurance provided by best health insurance in India in various categories.

Hospital plans are compensation health insurance plans that cover hospital costs. The plans cover the maximum amount of the insured person selected and the actual costs incurred. The Company offers accommodation options in several hospitals:

  1. Max Bupa health insurance
  2. Max Bupa Health Support Plan
  3. Go Active health insurance
  4. Max Bupa Heartbeat health insurance
  5. Max Bupa Health Renewal Plan
  6. Health Plus Plan
  7. Max Bupa savings health insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance Review to extend your policy

It is also easy to renew the existing Max health insurance as the extension can be done online. You can expand the company’s website. The “Update” option is available on the main page. If you click the option, you will redirect to a new page. You must enter your valid health insurance number and date of birth on the page. Once the details submit, your current plan will be displayed. You can make changes to your plan by increasing the insured amount or choosing add-ons. Then you will have to pay the renewal premium online and your best health insurance policy in India will be renewed.

An Introduction To Aditya Birla Health Insurance company

Aditya Birla Health Insurance

Aditya Birla Health Insurance company is a joint venture of 2 leading companies of India and South Africa. In 2015, Aditya Birla and MMI Holdings of South Africa started this company with 51% and 49 % of respective shares and started their business in October 2016. In a short time period of 4 years, this company has managed to maintain a good reputation in the health sector. Although this company was dealing with other sectors since 1857, it is admirable to set up their business in the insurance sector. They have 17,000 registered employees working around the world. Apart from this, 2,00,000 employees are working with Aditya Birla Health Insurance company as a broker, agent, or channel partner.

Health plays an important role in every person’s life and you should take good care of it. As per a survey, we found that a normal person spends around 5-6 thousand rupees per month on their health. Hence if we calculate the annual data then it will go too high. Also. when we talk about health, then the first thing that comes in our mind is the hospital expenses. Just think once, if you get diagnosed with any critical illness. Is your saving sufficient to provide good treatment? Maybe not, no middle-class person has this much savings to spend on their medical emergencies. That’s why opting for health insurance is not a choice in the current scenario. Additionally, it will be a cherry on the cake if you purchase it from the best health insurance in India like Aditya Birla Health Insurance company.

After all, the Aditya Birla group of companies has well-maintained credibility in the Indian market. But there are so many other reasons to choose this company as your financial support in health emergencies.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Aditya Birla Health Insurance?

  • This company provides family floater benefits to all individuals as well as long term plans.
  • Provide an annual health check-up facility for all age groups.
  • Provide attractive discounts at the time of purchasing and renewal. Also, provide a bonus at the end of the policy so that the policyholder can renew their policy on discounted rates.
  • This company will provide various plans to cover all the health emergencies, whether they are critical, pre-existing, or permanent.
  • Users can make their policy more effective by opting add on covers along with the basic plan.
  • The insured person can avail Tax deductions benefits as per Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

Aditya Birla capital health insurance company has an incurred claim settlement ratio of 85.34%.

Features & Benefits provided by Aditya Birla Health Insurance company

·  High sum insured:

A policy with a low sum insured will not be able to cover your overall medical expenses. So, this company provides a high sum insured of up to 2 crores. You can purchase a health insurance plan of a minimum of 10 lakhs to the maximum as per your budget and need.

·  Long term policy:

Customers can purchase a long term plan of 3 years to eliminate the hassle of renewing the policy every year.

·  Supplementary Coverages:

It is important to take supplementary coverage with a basic health insurance plan. This will cover your additional expenses such as in-patient treatments, surgery charges, ICU costs, private room rent, and many others

·  Day-care treatment cover:

Surgeries taking less than 24 hours are covered in the policy. Generally, most of the insurance provided doesn’t cover these expenses in the policy.

·  Pre and Post Hospitalization cover:

Policyholders can remain stress-free of their pre and post-hospitalization expenses. Expenses incurred after and before within a certain period of hospitalization is covered in the policy.

·  Range of network hospitals:

Aditya Birla health insurance company has more than 6050 network hospitals in India. Insured persons can take cashless treatment at these hospitals.

·  Lifetime renewability:

Aditya Birla Health Insurance company provides lifelong insurance renewability features. You can purchase a policy until the end of your life and get rid of paying high medical expenses.

·  Sum insured reload:

In case you sum insured gets void in mid of any treatment then the insurance provider will refill your account with a 100% sum insured.

·  Domiciliary hospitalization cover:

Patients can take treatment at their residence if they are physically challenged or medically unable to move. This insurance company will cover the medical expenses of the treatment taken at your home.

Types of the plan provided by Aditya Birla Health Insurance company

Aditya Birla Health Insurance company is providing the best health insurance policy in India. From an individual plan to a family floater plan, we have all the range of policies. Apart from this, you can also customize these plans according to your budget and requirements:

·   Individual Plans:

If you are still a bachelor then you can take an individual plan for yourself. This has a low premium as compared to other plans provided by this company. A person can pay his all hospital expenses by purchasing this individual health plan.

·  Family Floater Plans:

If you want to take an insurance policy for more than 2 persons, then family floater plans are perfect for you. You can include your parents, spouse, and kids in this policy. This type of plan has a high premium as the insurance provider is providing a high sum insured. Also, purchasing a family floater plan of people will cost you less than purchasing individual plans.

·  Critical Illness cover Plans:

If anybody in your family gets diagnosed with any critical disease then you can think of a critical illness cover. This insurance cover will pay the entire expenses of the treatment after the waiting period.

·  Long Term Plans:

If you don’t want to take the hassle of renewing your policy or forgot to renew it then go for this policy. Users will also get attractive discounts on purchasing long term plans.

Apart from this, recently Aditya Birla Health Insurance company has announced a special plan for COVID treatment. In this policy, you can take cashless treatment after serving the waiting period of 30 days.

What are the Permanent exclusions in Aditya Birla Health Insurance policy?

  • This policy will not cover any treatment if suicidal attempts. Apart from this, they will also not cover your medication of intake of any intoxicants or hallucinogenic substances.
  • An insurance policy will not cover cosmetic surgery, contact lenses fixing, and aesthetic treatment.
  • Any surgery or treatment for hearing aids and spectacles is not included in the policy.
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance policy will not cover the treatment of mental illness or psychological disorder.

Is Your Corporate Insurance Plan Enough To Deal With Increasing Medical Costs?

best health insurance policy

If we do a survey on this then we will get to know that only 10% of people are satisfied with their corporate policies. This is way too less of a ratio that we can’t rely on the best health insurance plans. The medical prices are increasing day by day due to inflation. Obviously, every person thinks about the protection of their family. So, they prefer to own a personal insurance cover for complete coverage of their family.

If you are still in doubt, then read the below point to know about the disadvantages of not taking a personal insurance plan.

  • Discontinuity with the organization:

    This is the most important factor that will surely hit you if you are in a private job. We all know that private job employees are not on a permanent basis. They look to change their job at regular intervals and every new company offers different insurance coverage. However, it is somehow easy for government sector employees to continue with the corporate plan. As they don’t have to change their jobs at small intervals. But your job change will not affect your personal family floater plan. You can continue it with any job whether you are in the government sector or the private sector. 

  • Limited coverage:

    We are aware that corporate health insurance plans provide limited coverage. They don’t cover your critical illness, pre-existing disease, and maternity expenses. Also, there are various types of limitations in the clause such as capping on room rent, sub-limits, co-payments, and deductions. However, the Best health insurance company does not stop you from taking treatment in any hospital of your choice. There are no certain limitations or additional charges that you get in corporate plans. 

  • Low sum insured:

    Corporate insurance plans are risky when it comes to paying high expenses. Corporate plans are taken in bulk hence cover only basic medical expenses. The best health insurance plan provided by corporate offices will give you a maximum sum insured of 5-8 lakhs. Whereas in this time of inflation a simple surgery will cost you for a minimum of 5 lakh. So, it is better to take a personal health insurance plan in which you will get more benefits and a high sum insured. Customers can check online quotes to choose from the best health insurance company in India

  • Post-retirement coverage:

    As long as we know, we are sure that any corporate plan will not cover you after retirement. It becomes more stressful when you are the only earner in your family. The premium of a family floater plan is decided according to the age of the oldest person in the family. So, purchasing an insurance plan at the ages of 60 or above will surely drain your savings. To avoid these situations, experts always advise you to take insurance policy at an early age. Also, there are very rare chances that any company will cover your pre-existing illnesses or any critical illness in the ’60s. 

  • Low premium amount:

    There is no doubt that a corporate plan has low premium charges. Also, it does not bother you because it is deducted from your salary. But if you ever try to make a claim with the corporate insurance plan then you will get to know the hindrance.

Most of the corporate plans work on a reimbursement basis. First, you have to pay the entire expense from your pocket. Later the insurance company will verify the bills and reimburse the expenses.

Private companies provide corporate health insurance plans as perks. They have the right to change the clauses overnight. It gets very problematic when your family member is admitted to the hospital for treatment and you get to know about the changes. So, it’s better if you don’t rely on your corporate plan and purchase a family floater plan in addition.

What are the reasons to choose the best health insurance plan apart from corporate insurance plans?

There are uncountable best health insurance companies in India that provide comprehensive health plans. You just have to decide your coverage according to the requirements of your family. Different families have different medical histories and issues. Also, the oldest person has different ages in different families. So pre deciding your family medical needs will help you in selecting the best health insurance policy in India. Here are certain points that you must look before purchasing a family floater or personal insurance plan

  • All the best health insurance in India provides a flexible medical treatment facility. You can get treatment at any hospital that is too without any capping or sub-limits.
  • You can cover your parents and kids in the same health insurance plan. Where most corporate plans do not cover your parents in the policy if you are already married. 
  • A family floater or individual health insurance policy provides you with a high sum insured. It is sufficient to bear all the medical costs of the entire family. But with corporate plans, you will get a fixed amount of sum insured. Above all, that sum insured is not enough to cover the entire family of 4-5 people.
  • A personal family floater plan will surely cover the maternity expenses after the waiting period of 2-4 years. But I am not sure whether your corporate plan will cover the maternity expenses of your family or not. 
  • Corporate plans are designed according to the need of one person. But an organization serves it as comprehensive coverage. Hence it gets short at the time of claiming.

Choose Affordable Family Floater Health Plan For The Family To Save More

Affordable Family Floater Health Plan

Customers can take family floater health plans to deal with unexpected health emergencies. This type of plan is best suited for the complete protection of your family. If your family has more than 2 members then rather than taking an individual plan you can choose a single-family floater plan. You can cover your parents, kids, spouse, and yourself in an extended family floater plan. These plans have a comparatively low premium as compared to individual insurance plans. Family insurance plans provide a high sum insured.

What All Features Does A Family Floater Health Plan Cover?

  • A single Family floater plan can be sufficient to cover the entire family of 4-6 peoples. Apart from this, you can also choose to add on covers for additional protection. With a family floater plan, you can take quality treatment in any network hospital. Customers can compare online quotes to get the best health insurance plan for their family.
  • If you have more than one earning person in your family then you can split a family floater plan to reduce the burden on yourself. Like if you and your wife both are working then insure your kids with your wife and insure your parents with yourself. This will also help you to manage your premiums easily.
  • We all know that old age people are at high risk of being diagnosed with the illness. The premium in family floater plans will be decided according to the age of the oldest person. So, you have to pay a high premium for them. That’s why insurance experts will always suggest you purchase an insurance policy at a young age. Also, at a young age, you will get the best insurance deals at a low price.
  • These days all the family plans come with customizable features. You can add members to an insurance policy as per your requirement. If you have purchased an insurance plan before your marriage then you can cover your spouse in the policy after marriage. You don’t have to purchase a separate insurance plan again to cover your better half. You can also add your kids to the policy after 90 days of birth. In addition, maternity benefits are provided by all insurance companies on purchasing a family floater plan.
  • In case, if one member has to move out of the city then you can transfer the benefit of the previous plan to a new plan.

Choosing a family floater health plan at the right age will be a relief for your expanding family’s needs.

Points to remember while choosing a family plan:

Determine your needs: Generally, Family health insurance plans don’t come with reinstatement. So, planning plays an important role in purchasing an insurance policy. Like you plan your daily expenses for household works, it is important to determine your health expenses also. If the availed insured amount gets shorter while treatment then you have to pay from your pocket.

  • An example will make it clear. Suppose you have chosen a sum insured of 10 lakhs of your family. You take the first claim of 8 lakhs for a member of your family. Now again you need to make a claim for 6 lakh for the health emergency of other people in your family. In this case, the insurance company will pay the amount of 2 lakh. You have to pay the rest of 4 lakh from your pocket. That’s why you have to plan for your medical expenses otherwise you will end up spending your savings.
  • Health insurance policies have high premiums so most of the companies only provide annual renewal options for customers. However, some companies provide a 2-year policy at once. The premium amount gets doubled for a 2-year policy. But you can also avail of multiple discounts on purchasing a 2-year policy at once.
  • As per the income tax act, you can avail of mandatory tax benefits on health insurance plans for a family.

Salient features of a family floater health plan:

  • Larger coverage:

    Family floater plans provide wider coverage of sum insured. You can take a sum insured of 5 lakhs to 10 crores as per the requirement of your family. You can take extended family plans to cover more than 10 people in a family.

  • Affordable premiums:

    Customers can compare online quotes from various companies to get the best health insurance in India. Premiums for a family floater insurance plan are way much less than purchasing multiple individual plans. So, if you need more coverage at a low premium then choose a family health insurance plan. Apart from this, you can even reduce your premium by availing deductibles and co-payments.

  • Maternity coverage:

    If you get married recently then a family floater plan is perfect for you. This will cover you, your spouse, and maternity coverage. This insurance policy will cover all the expenses related to maternity and also cover post-maternity expenses up to a certain period. Some insurance companies enable a waiting period on maternity benefits. So, choose well to avoid any problem in the future.

  • Flexible plans:

    Family floater plans are flexible as per the view of premium as well as coverage options. You can add members anytime in a family floater plan. The coverage will also get increased on increasing the members in the policy. To add a member to your policy you have to inform the insurance company and have to pay an additional premium.

  • Tax benefits:

    This is the most beneficial part of a family floater plan. Under section 80D of the income tax act, you can make a claim to get a tax deduction. Apart from this tax benefit, you can also avail of no claim bonus for not making a claim.

What is a critical illness insurance plan?

Ctitical Illness Insurance

It is an additional plan that will complement your basic health insurance. If the policyholder gets diagnosed with any critical illness then the company will provide the lump sum amount for treatment. Every insurance company has a list of critical diseases for which they are providing coverage. Generally, these diseases take a long time for treatment and that is too very expensive. So, opting for a critical illness insurance plan along with your basic insurance plan would prove to be a relief for your pocket.

Some common critical disease that is developing these days are:

  • Cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke
  • Permanent paralysis
  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Open heart surgery
  • Anaemia
  • Liver disease of end-stage
  • Lungs disease of end-stage
  • Organ transplantation
  • Loss of speech
  • Aortic surgery
  • Blindness
  • Third-degree burn
  • Brain tumour

Why is it important to take a critical rider plan for you and your family?

As per a recent survey, cardiovascular disease such as heart attack, stroke, and Pulmonary diseases will be the main cause of deaths in the coming days. Also, due to our unhealthy eating habits, our body is getting more prone to diseases these days. The age of developing a critical illness is decreasing day by day. Millennials are getting more prone to critical illness as compared to the earlier generation.

There are uncountable companies providing the best health insurance in India. Anyone can opt for critical illness insurance for themselves or their family members. A critical illness will reduce the capacity to work hence the patient will no longer be able to earn money for their family. This also triggers financial crises in families. A critical illness meaning can be better understood by the extreme health conditions when the person will not be able to earn or do work.

  • Those who have a history of any critical diseases can surely choose to add a critical illness cover with their policy.
  • People of more than 40 years are highly susceptible to detect any critical illness so they can opt for critical illness insurance to protect their savings.
  • People working in high-pressure jobs have more risks to be detected with a critical illness. High blood pressure can cause heart attacks, stroke, or paralysis.
  • The role of the earner in a family is most important and crucial. If anything will happen to them the whole family will have to face financial catastrophe. If the earner in your family has any medical history then they can purchase a critical illness cover to take care of treatment expenses.

Difference between critical illness insurance and a health insurance plan:

Critical illness insurance is completely different from the health insurance plan.

  • A simple health insurance plan will not include the treatment of critical diseases.
  • The treatment cost of the critical disease is way higher than the total sum insured of the health insurance. Also, the treatment of critical diseases will take too much time, maybe one year or more than that.
  • You can take advantage of the health insurance policy only after getting admitted to the hospital. But in the case of critical illness insurance, the lump sum amount will be simply provided on the diagnosis of the critical disease irrespective of the treatment expenses. If the treatment will take more than the sum insured amount then you have to pay that from your pocket. There are 36 critical diseases for which an individual can take medical coverage.
  • The waiting period in the critical illness cover depends on the seriousness of the illness. Whereas in the regular health insurance policy, you have to serve a default waiting period of 30 -90 days.

Factors that you should remember while choosing a critical illness insurance policy:

  • Sum insured: You have to determine your need for sum insured before purchasing a critical insurance plan. Treatment of some diseases cost less than compared to other diseases. A predetermined coverage will help you to get the right policy as per your requirement.
  • Sub-limits: Every critical illness plan has a mandate sub-limit applicable to it. Under this sub-limit, you have to pay some percentage of the total sum insured at the time of treatment. Make sure to go for lower sub-limits otherwise, you have to face the consequences by paying a high amount from your pocket.
  • Maximum age renewal: Specific critical diseases are covered up to a certain age. So, it is important to know the exact age up to which your disease is covered. Most of the insurance companies will not cover critical illness after the age of 60.
  • Age: The probability of getting diagnosed with critical illness automatically increases with age. To deal with this situation, you can consult an insurance expert. He will help you to determine the perfect plan according to your age group.
  • Waiting period: All the critical illness insurance has a feasible waiting period of one month. But for certain diseases, it can be more than the normal waiting period. You can compare different policies and go for the insurance plan with a low waiting period.
  • Exclusions in the plan: A critical illness cover will not cover all types of surgeries and diseases. In some cases, the policyholder should have to follow certain conditions to cover critical illness. While some diseases are permanently excluded in insurance policies. So, you have to choose wisely among the plans that cover your illness.

A standalone critical insurance policy is way different from a critical illness rider. A standalone policy has a high premium and provides comprehensive coverage. Where a rider plan has a comparatively low premium and provides less sum insured for treatment. you can take the advice of insurance experts to choose the best critical illness insurance plan for you

What are the benefits of purchasing a Religare health insurance policy?

Religare Health insurance

Introduction to Religare health insurance company 

Religare health insurance company is named among the prominent private insurance companies founded in 2012. Since then it has been catering to the health, travel, Mediclaim, and accident insurance sector. There are more than 6000 employees working in 146 different offices across the country. The headquarter of the Religare health insurance company is based at Gurgaon. Religare health insurance company is the best health insurance in India known for their affordable health insurance plans.

Benefits That Come Along with Religare

As we all know that medical emergencies are getting more costly these days. So, purchasing a health insurance plan is equally important as taking food to live. A comprehensive health insurance plan will surely save you from unpredicted medical bills in the time of emergency. Correct health insurance policy at the right time and age will prove to be a boon in your old age.

Advantages of taking health insurance:

  • The best health insurance provides you extra cushioning from high bills during medical emergencies.
  • There are multiple plans available according to the needs and budget of customers.
  • The external expenses of hospitalization such as tests, OPD, medicines, ambulance charges, room rents are included in a health insurance policy.
  • Customers can also get tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
  • The company will reward you with a no claim bonus for every non-claiming year.
  • There are more than 7400 network hospitals, where customers can take cashless treatment.
  • Religare provide maternity benefits for pregnant women.
  • Customers can take treatment of pre-existing and critical illness cover to cure life-threatening diseases.
  • An additional feature of lifelong renewability makes it extra special for senior citizens.

List of plans provided by Religare health insurance company:

  • Critical illness cover: Critical illness cover will pay for the medical cost of the diseases whose treatments are too much costly. This cover comes with lifelong renewability because a small amount of sum insured is not enough to cover the expenses. The diseases that can be treated under critical illness are cancer, heart attack, organ transplantation, heart surgery, and bypass surgery.
  • Individual plan: A basic insurance plan that covers the medical expenses of a single person is, “individual plan”. This type of plan is basically taken by a bachelor’s to pay their medical bills. The premium amount of this plan is too low so customers purchase this insurance for multiple years.
  • Family floater plans: The family floater plans are the backbone of Religare health insurance. This plan will consider all the members of the family in a single insurance plan. This plan is basically for a married person to cover up the medical bills of their spouse and kids. The premium cost of this plan is higher than the others as it covers multiple members in it.
  • Maternity plans: Religare health insurance provides an innovative plan for pregnant women named Joy. This plan covers all the medical costs of the mother and the baby not only for today but also for the post-hospitalization period. This plan reimburses the cost of surgery, treatments, medical tests, and medicines of the baby as well as the mother.
  • Top-up plans: Top up insurance plans are basically an add-on cover that compliments your basic plan. The customer used this to pay the deductibles of the primary plan so that he doesn’t have to pay a penny from his pocket. An example will make it clearer that if you have taken a sum insured of 5lakh with 1 lakh deductible, then it will pay your 1 lakh. The primary plan will pay the rest amount of 4 lakh and above.
  • Senior citizen plan: Old age people are at higher risk of a medical emergency, so Religare is providing a separate plan for senior citizens. This insurance cover is applicable for the peoples with 61 years and above age. You can take an annual check-up, floater, individual cover, and tax-saving benefits with this plan. Floater cover under this plan will require no pre-policy health check-up. Also, a special team is always there to empathize with you and help you at every step. This plan comes with automatic recharge features so that senior citizens don’t have to run every time to renew the insurance plan.

Prime benefits of opting for an insurance plan at an early age

  • Purchasing a health insurance plan at an early age is more beneficial and useful.
  • You will be able to pay premiums easily and don’t have to face trouble with other expenses as well.
  • At a young age, the rate of premium is low, and further, it increases gradually with age.
  • A policy taken at an early age will pay you later with no-claim bonus and you have to pay low premiums.
  • You will get tax benefits for taking health insurance under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.


With the increase in age, the body gets more prone to disease. It is possible that you may diagnose with some disease and won’t be able to purchase a plan. If any company will provide a plan with pre-existing disease then they will charge you with high premiums. Moreover, all the companies consider pre-existing diseases after a waiting period of 3 months. So, If any medical emergency happens then you would not be able to take a claim for a minimum of 3 months. 

It is advisable to purchase Health insurance online from Religare health insurance company. This will help you to save a reasonable amount of money on family floaters and senior citizen plans. There is various add on covers that you can purchase along with the basic plan to complete it. To know more about the company and policy, visit here

Introduction to Religare Health Insurance Company

Religare provides the best health insurance policy in India. The facilities provided by this company under the health insurance plan is admirable. Religare provides numerous health insurance plans including personal, family floater, group insurance, senior citizen, and critical illness cover. There are more than 7400 network hospitals of Religare in India from where customers can take cashless treatment. Due to their 24*7 customer support and cashless claiming facility, this company is named among the best health insurance in India

Investing money inappropriate insurance policy is a wise decision for an individual as well as for the family. Health insurance will provide financial help at the time of medical emergencies. Any person can purchase a health insurance plan for himself and his family as well. You can cover a newborn baby of a minimum of 91 days to your old parents till death. 

Facilities provided by Religare health insurance: The best policy will look for all the medical expenses with not creating a hole in the pocket. A person must consider the below points while searching for the best health insurance policy in India.

  • Maximum Coverage: Mostly health insurance companies provide Comprehensive family coverage to cover all the expenses. These coverage include regular health check-ups, pre and post hospitalization, medical tests, transportation charges, OPD expenses, and organ donor coverage.
  • Affordable Premium: You can check the premium according to the family members on the website of Religare. There you can compare different plans and covers according to your requirements. Moreover, it is necessary to check for pre-existing diseases because it may lead to an increase in the premium.
  • Check Exclusions: Make sure to check the exclusions list while opting for a health insurance plan. All the conditions and scenarios under which you will not be able to take claim are mentioned in the exclusion list. So, you have to choose for that plan which is providing maximum coverage at minimum exclusions.
  • Co-Payment Clause: Under the co-payment clause, the policyholder has to pay 10-30% of the total expenses. The policyholder too decides that at the time of purchasing the policy. The insurance provider will do the rest of the payment. So, remember to check the clauses of co-payment while purchasing health insurance.
  • Network Hospitals: There is no doubt that Religare network hospitals are spread all over and so does in your location too. But make sure to check whether network hospitals are available near your location or how far it is from your area.

Family floater plans

An insurance plan that covers you and your family is called a family floater plan. You can also include your parents, grandparents, and children under a family floater plan. The premium in family floater plans is higher as compared to individual plans. After a period of time all the critical illness and pre-existing diseases are covered in a family floater plan.

Benefits of a family floater Health insurance Plans:

When it comes to the protection of your family the price of the premium you pay is too low. A comprehensive health insurance plan will be suitable to take care of the entire family under a single policy. Moreover, you can choose from other family floater plans as per your need. The basic benefits that a customer can avail for his family are:

  • High sum insured: Customers can avail of high sum insured in family floater as compared to taking individual plans for every member of the family.
  • Cashless hospitalization: You can take cashless treatment in all the network hospitals Just like you take in individual health plans.
  • Highly Affordable: Taking a family floater will cost you less as compared to taking an individual plan with the same coverage. Also, it will provide other additional benefits for your family.
  • Option to add members after purchasing a policy: You can either add or remove members after purchasing a family floater policy rather than taking an individual plan. The premium and sum insured will be increased or decreased accordingly.
  • Tax Benefits: the family of the policyholder can avail attractive tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act for the premium they pay in a family floater.

Add On Covers in a family floater health insurance plans

Religare health insurance provides add on covers on taking family floater plans. you can opt for these covers by paying an extra premium.

  • No Claim Bonus: Now customers can increase their sum insured if they don’t make any claim in a single year. This sum insured gradually increased every year by 10% and a maximum of up to 50%. So total if the customer doesn’t make any claim for 5 years then he can avail a total of 150% after 5 years.
  • Everyday Care: You may avoid hospitalization for multiple years, but the general doctor consultation is important in a family. You can avail 1% of the total sum insured for test and doctor consultancy fees. All the routine check-ups are also covered under this facility. Customers can use the cashless card to pay these expenses at a network hospital.
  • Unlimited Automatic Recharge: With this add on you will never be run out of coverage in terms of the sum insured. Automatic recharge will reinstate the sum insured every time when it gets exhausted. You can avail of this multiple times in the total time period of the policy.
  • Air Ambulance Cover: You can add air ambulance cover in your policy in case the doctor suggests to proceed with your treatment in another country or city.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Rather than taking two different policies for health insurance and accidental protection, customers can take it altogether. You have to pay an extra premium and you get 10 times of sum insured as coverage of Accidental Death and Permanent Disability.

Major Pros and Cons of Insurance Policy that you should look for

Insurance– A short intro

Insurance is a protection plan that will provide you financial security in uncertain conditions. There are many types of insurance plans that you can take from any private company. Insurance companies are regulated by the state government. You can insure any object including your car, mobile phone, house, shops, jeweller or any object having financial value. you have to pay a premium monthly and can take the reimbursement of financial loss. There are numerous insurance companies available in the market, offering a wide range of benefits in their insurance plan. If anyone is taking insurance for the first time then they must have to check several quotes online and compare the provided benefits prior to purchasing.

The three main components that you have to keep in mind while purchasing any insurance plan are premium, policy limit and deductibles. The premium of the policy must be low so anyone can easily afford it. Policy limit should be high so that it can cover the maximum expenses. Deductibles should be low so that customers will receive the extreme benefit at low price.

The major type of insurance policy is:

  1. Life insurance: It will provide financial security to the family of the insurance holder. If he passed away due to accident, medical issue or any other unforeseen circumstances. Insurers have to pay a fixed amount of money to the insured person or his family after the death of the person or after a fixed period of time.
  2. Health insurance: It provides the medical expenses of the insured person and his family if they are covered in the insurance plan. In health insurance you have to pay a fixed amount annually. It will cover your surgeries, medicines, check-ups, room rent, day care, Outpatient department, maternity and many other facilities depending upon the plan you have taken.
  3. Car insurance: These days cars are a major and costly thing everyone wants to purchase. But if you ever meet with an accident or have to spend money on repairing a car then the bill is too much expensive. So, if you have a car then it is also important to have car insurance. So that you don’t have to pay the repair bill from your pocket.
  4. Marine insurance: Marine insurance will protect you from the loss of marine perils. It will include collision of ship or cargo with rock, destruction in ship, attack by enemies, disappearing of ship or captured by pirates.
  5. Fire insurance: You can do fire insurance to recover the loss caused due to fire in your shop, houses, factories. The reason for fire can be short-circuiting, human activity or natural calamities. You will get the amount of loss from the insurance company for reconstruction of property.
  6. Property insurance: Property insurance will recover the loss caused to your property due to climatic occurrences, accidents, fire or theft. 

Importance of Insurance:

  • Insurance provides mental peace.
  • Having an insurance plan will stabilize your family and business at the time of any financial misfortunes.
  • It will also encourage saving and help you to save your hard-earned money
  • It will transfer the financial risk caused to any individual to the insurer.
  • Medical expenses are too high, so insurance will help your family financially in case of unpredicted medical emergencies.
  • If you have to pay a high tax amount to the government then you can also get a discount on tax if you have an insurance policy.
  • Having an insurance policy will also help to reduce the inflation rate of the country.
  • Having an insurance policy will also help you to run your business smoothly.

Disadvantages of insurance: Apart from all the importance. There are also several drawbacks to the Insurance.

  • The complexity of insurance policy: The policy is so hard to understand that they can easily manipulate an uneducated person. So, you must need an expert to know every point of the condition carefully.
  • Lengthy formalities: You have to follow lengthy formalities, visit various offices and it will take a lot of patience for settlement.
  • High deductible: If you will ask for more benefits from the insurance company then they will increase the premium for every extra facility and also deduct extra charges for those benefits.
  • High premium cost: The premium cost is too high for some of the insurance companies, that a middle-class family cannot easily afford it. So, you have to choose wisely for a suitable plan in which you will get maximum benefit at a nominal premium cost.
  • Risk of getting cheated: there are many fraudsters or brokers also available in the market, who will take money on the name of insurance and can cheat you.
  • The risk to the life of the policyholder: Specifically, in the Life insurance policy it may lead to an increase in crime incidents because the beneficiaries might get tempted and will use wrong ways to get the insured amount.