How To Find Insurance Policy Number By Vehicle Number?

How To Find Insurance Policy Number By Vehicle Number?

Two-Wheeler Insurance is based on the rules laid down in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Law. This law regulates the traffic rules that motor vehicles in India must comply with, and such a rule is the need for motor vehicle insurance that applies to all vehicles. If you have a bike, you need valid Bike Insurance Online. Due to this rule, all biker owners invest in bicycle insurance. Mandatory bicycle insurance is liability insurance for bicycle injuries, property damage, or the death of third parties. However, if you follow a comprehensive policy, you will also be insured for the damage caused by the bike.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a third-party policy or a comprehensive policy, the bike’s registration number is used to purchase the policy. Let’s understand what this number is and how you can use it to check the status of the bike insurance.

What is the bike registration number?

The registration number of your bike is a unique number assigned by your area’s Regional Transportation Office (RTO). This number is unique to each vehicle and helps identify the bike and its owner. If you buy a new bike, you must register your bike with your local RTO within 30 days of purchase. If the bike has been successfully registered, RTO will give your bike a unique registration number that you need to add. This number is on a label and has been added to your bike for identification.

Use Of Registration Number

The registration number not only helps you identify the bike but also:

1) Remove the bicycle lock:

Without the registration number of the bike, you cannot make Bike Insurance Online. When the policy is specified, the bike’s registration number is added to the policy document to ensure that the bicycle policy is published.

2) Renewal of Two-Wheeler Insurance:

Even if you want to extend your bike insurance, you will still need to provide your bike’s registration number so that your policy can be extended. It is not possible to take out and extend bicycle insurance without the bike’s registration number.

3) Right to rights:

When you make a request, you will need your bicycle insurance number and bicycle registration number at the time of the request. The registration certificate of the bike must be offered to meet your needs.

4) For questions from third parties:

If you have an accident and are physically injured due to someone else’s bike, you can apply for third-party coverage if you have the person’s bike registration number. The registration number can be used to check the status of the Two Wheeler Insurance Online and you can check the status and claim third party injuries.

5) To check your bike insurance data:

If you do not have bicycle insurance at hand and you need insurance information for your bicycle, you can use your bicycle registration number. It is possible to check the bike insurance information with a registration number. Just enter the number and you will get full details of your bike insurance.

Easy ways to check Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Even if you forget your Bike insurance information or have lost your insurance documents, you can easily check if your Bike is still insured. The Insurance company has privilege to track your renewal date and other general information.

The Internet has made various insurance transactions efficient and fast. New-age digital insurance companies are at the forefront to provide the best customer service. Read on to learn how to check online Bike insurance status.

How To check the status of the Bike Insurance Online:

There are two basic methods of checking the status of Two-Wheeler Insurance but most efficient with the advent of the Internet. To know more about your bike insurance status online through the Insurance Information Office (IIB) established by IRDAI follow the below-given steps:

1. Visit the IIB web portal.

2. In the required fields, enter information such as name, email ID or mobile phone number, address, license plate, and accident date.

3. Enter the security code and click Submit.

4. Details on how to lock the two join wheels displays. If not, previous policy details display.

5. If you cannot see the details using the method described above, you can call the bike’s engine and chassis number.

Simple Steps to Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Like all other health or property insurance, bike insurance protects the policyholder from financial losses in the event of unfortunate events. Bicycle insurance is valid for one to three years. During this time, the insurer will cover the cost of repairs of damage or injury, depending on the type of cap purchased by the owner of an insured bicycle. The type of Online Bike Insurance can be liability insurance or full insurance. 

As its name suggests, a Best Insurance Policy covers third-party risk, while a comprehensive policy covers its own and other third-party damages and risks.

Steps to purchase two-wheeled insurance online

Online Bike Insurance made it possible to secure your bike in a matter of minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying bicycle insurance online:

Step 1: Research

Learn the basics of two-wheel insurance before buying the policy. Learn the terms used in this industry. This is useful if you have online bike insurance. Authority bonus (NCB), insured record value (IDV), liability to third parties, comprehensive guidelines, no depreciation, etc.

Step 2: Insurance Company

Choosing the right insurance company is as important as buying the right policy. Ideal bicycle insurance should offer first-class pre-sales and customer service. After registering with the insurer, visit their website to get Online Bike Insurance.

Step 3: Choose the type of bike insurance

To select the type of bike insurance, go to the Bicycle Insurance page and enter the details of your bike. Then choose the type of Bike Insurance Online you want to buy.

Step 4: Set up IDV

While choosing the Two-Wheeler Insurance, you will be asked to set your bike’s IDV. This step shows the current market value of your bike. IDV decreases over time and affects bike insurance premiums.

Step 5: Choose Plugins

After setting up IDV for your bike, choose the add-ons if you have comprehensive bike insurance in the previous stages. You can choose from a list of bicycle insurance add-ons. 

Step 6: Payment

Payment is the final stage of your bike’s insurance. After payment, you will receive the Best Insurance Policy document in your e-mail inbox. You can download this copy and print it. This edition is fully valid. You have completed the transaction after paying for the online bike insurance.

A perfect guide that will help you to make a smooth Car Insurance claim

A perfect guide that will help you make a smooth Car Insurance claim

After purchasing a sophisticated car insurance policy, the second most traumatic thing is to make a successful claim. Purchasing a car insurance plan is somewhere easy in this well connected online-based generation. But to recollect your senses and inform the insurance company is difficult after getting into an accident. 10% of the total claims in India get rejected by the insurance company because they have not intimated within the time range. So, informing the insurance company after getting into an accident is the first and the most important part of the Car Insurance claim.

Whether you are responsible for the accident or not, you should need to inform your insurance provider about the incident. Along with your own damaged car, you can also pay for the other party damages with third party liability coverage. Let your insurance provider decide who is guilty and whether they can approve the claim or not.

Before making a claim, the policyholder should know whether the incident is eligible to make a claim or not. All the damages incurred due to an unpredicted activity are covered under the car insurance policy. Along with the physical damage to the cay, you can also make a claim for bodily injuries. Act of vandalism, theft, and damage due to natural calamities are also considered to make a claim.

It is not necessary to make a claim for every incident that happens to your vehicle. Sometimes you can avoid it too.  Unnecessary and frequent insurance claims will affect your no claim bonus. Also, your insurance credibility will be decreased, the results of which you will not be able to purchase an insurance policy later. Basically, people use insurance policies as a shield to unforeseen damages. But if you take too frequent claims for small damages then it will impact you back. This will also result in increased premiums at the time of renewal. Moreover, some insurance companies don’t prefer to issue a policy to customers with low credibility. So, make sure to take a claim when it is necessary and the repairing expenses are too high.

Types of car insurance claims:

  • Reimbursement claims: The claims in which the policyholder needs to pay the expenses first is called a reimbursement claim. Of course, lately, the insurance company will transfer the overall amount that the insured pays at the service center. You can repair your car at any nearby local garage to make a reimbursement claim. Customers do not prefer this type of claim settlement because in this they have to pay from their pocket.
  • Cashless claims: The most preferred type of claim settlement method is the cashless method. Whether we talk about cars or bikes, we need a claim settlement process in which we don’t have to pay money from our pocket. It is important to repair your vehicle at a network garage to avail of the benefit of cashless claims. All insurance companies have a list of network garages from which you can take cashless repairing service. You just have to pay the deductible amount and the rest of the expenses will be taken care of by the insurance provider.

Documents Required to make a Car Insurance Claim

Whenever you go to make a claim, the insurance company will ask you for some important documents. If you miss providing these documents, they will reject your claim. So, let’s give a look at the list of documents that are required to make a claim.

  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Documents of the Car insurance policy
  • Driving License of the person who is driving the vehicle at the time of the incident.
  • A valid and duly filled claim intimation form.

In case you want to make an online claim then the claiming process starts just after intimating about the incident. You need the below documents to make an online car insurance claim.

  • Identification proof of the policyholder such as Aadhar card, voter id, or PAN card.
  • A lump-sum estimate of the repairing expenses. In case you want to make a non-cashless claim, then you need to submit these documents after repairing your vehicle.
  • Proper invoice from the garage with all the expenses mentioned on it.
  • Payment receipt
  • Canceled cheque.

The common reason for car insurance claim rejection

  • Providing incorrect documents or any wrong information provided in the claiming form.
  • Illegal use of vehicles.
  • Driving without a license.
  • Asking for repairing expenses without informing the incident to the insurance company.
  • The insurance policy is not on your name (In case of a second-hand vehicle).
  • Violating traffic rules.
  • Accidents caused due to the influence of inhaling intoxicating substances while driving.
  • Making a claim after the policy expires.

Tips to make a smooth car settlement claim

We have provided some points that will assuredly help you take a smooth claim:

  • The policyholder needs to read the policy documents Thoroughly while filing a car insurance claim.
  • Inform about the accident and damage to the insurance company as soon as possible.
  • If you lack understanding of any term in the policy then take the help of customer support.
  • For reimbursement claims, keep a record of all the expenses incurred during the repairing of the vehicle. As the insurance company will need all the proofs and bills of the expenses.
  • File FIR or inform the local police station of that area to reduce your part of stress.
  • If you purchase the policy from an agent then contact the agent to take care of the claim settlement process. He can coordinate with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Submit only genuine documents along with the claim application form for a smoother and faster claim process.
  • In case the accident happens in a deserted place then make sure to click pictures of the damaged vehicle along with some pictures of nearby locations. This will work as a valid proof of the accident.

What Are The Different Ways To Renew Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

It is a very hattrick work for every bike insurance policyholder to renew your two-wheeler insurance. Your responsibility doesn’t end just by purchasing an insurance policy for once. Especially when there are bulk insurance companies available in the market. Not only about the companies but the way to renew the policy has also changed a lot.

The insurance sector has been mounting in India since the 19th century. At that time people used to make a team and contribute to the share of their assets. Later this thing came with a new idea by the name of insurance. Also, in previous times we used to purchase insurance for earning assets like land, shops, houses, factories, and buildings. But nowadays we can insure any object like mobile, car, bike, house and a lot of other things. The insurance sector has no limits, think of an object and you can surely find an insurance provider for that.

In old times, the method of renewing or purchasing an insurance plan is also different from what we have today. At that time, we have to go to the company and do a lot of paperwork. Whereas in recent times, we can also choose to do it online. Obviously, the ancient time method is also there but most people choose online methods to save time and money. Let us talk about the different ways to renew a bike insurance policy.

  • Renewing through an insurance agent:

    The oldest fashioned way to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy is by contacting an insurance agent. Though people do not incline to this way in recent times. But this is the one and only way for our ancestors because they don’t know much about insurance. They need a helping hand to choose a policy for them hence they contact the most experienced person. Yeah, an insurance agent is the most knowledgeable person in this sector. He has the knowledge of the premiums, benefits, and features of a particular insurance company. Apart from this, this method is best recommended for people who are not technology-friendly. Also, an insurance agent is well trained and licensed to solve your insurance-related queries.

  • Renewing through an insurance Broker:

    An insurance broker is wholly different from an insurance agent. Most of the customers think that both have the same work to do i.e. to issue a policy for customers, then how can they be different. But to get out of this misconception it is necessary to know that an insurance agent deals with the policy of a single insurance company. Whereas an insurance broker has the authority to work for different insurance providers. Specifically, we can say that a broker works to take care of your needs. It works as a bridge between an insurance company and customers.

There are different varieties as some work for a single company while the other work for multiple companies.

  • A broker that works for only one company is called a Captive broker.
  • An independent broker is the one who works for multiple insurance companies. They have a wider variety of insurance products and options for their clients.
  • Visiting the branch of the insurance company:

    Renewing an insurance policy gets more flexible these days. If you are not a tech-savvy person or do not have too much communication with people to contact an agent or broker then you can go to a nearby branch office to renew your insurance policy. Surely it would take a little bit more of your physical time to visit the branch.

You can contact the executives at the branch of the company to renew a bike insurance policy. They will ask for your previous policy number or document to renew it. Fill up an acknowledgment form with some details. After this, pay the premium amount either by cash, debit card, demand draft, or cheque. Subsequently, they will apply for the renewal of your insurance policy and the new policy documents will be sent to your residential address within a week.

  • Renewing through an online method:

    Online ways to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy always comes with numerous options. A few years ago, it was not possible to renew an insurance policy online. You have to visit the nearby branch to renew it. With passing time, this new invention lets us have more freedom to save time and money. As previously you spend the same amount of money for consulting an agent or broker. Also, it is also a matter of seconds to renew the policy over an online platform. Moreover, you can choose to renew a bike insurance policy by either of the below ways as per your comfort.

  • Through partner applications:

Most of the insurers in recent times have tied up with various mobile payment vendors. Users can also use these applications to renew their policies conveniently. Some of the applications are google pay, Paytm, and Phone Pay. You don’t have to download any special application of a particular insurance company. This is just like doing a mobile recharge on any tied up application.

  • Through mobile applications:

Customers can renew their two-wheeler insurance policy through the mobile application of a particular insurance company. Most of the famous insurance companies have their own mobile application. Users have to log in to the application by entering their policy number and date of birth mention on the policy documents.

  • From the official website:

You can also renew your two-wheeler insurance policy through the official website of the insurance company. All major companies have their website where you can check multiple plans, premiums, and coverage options. You can also check for the customer reviews on the website. Checking for reviews will help you to decide whether a particular company is satisfying its customer through their service or not. Moreover, this is known as the best way to get an instant policy. You just have to purchase a policy and pay through any online medium.

Concerned About Your Car Health: Bang Here To Opt For A Car Insurance

Car Insurance policy

There are many people in this world for whom buying their favorite car is a dream. They possess a really special relationship with their car which truly seems to be a valuable asset of their life. And it’s obvious one would not afford to risk the life of their car whom they love wholeheartedly like their child. So, the car insurance policy would be the least of the things one can do to ensure the health of their car.

The importance of insurance cannot be disputed in the present social environment. Under the unpredictability of life, we cannot afford to lose one of the root causes of our happiness. Therefore, it is almost mandatory to get insured health care for our car. 

Now let’s understand: What is this car insurance? How will it secure our car’s health? And how can we get one of these insurances? and so on. 

What is “Car Insurance”?

A car insurance is vehicle insurance that provides comprehensive protection to the insured car in case of any damage due to natural or man-made calamities and accidents.

How does it secure our Car’s health?

  • A car insurance policy prevents the car owner from sustaining any momentary losses resulting from unpredictable incidents including accidents, or any other damages suffered on the insured car. 
  • It also provides the insured with ‘personal accident cover’ to stay protected from any car accident injuries. 
  • Moreover, In India, According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Car Insurance is compulsory for all cars operating on roads to have a valid third-party liability cover. 
  • Also, car insurance for old cars have availability for one year and should be renewed annually. And car insurance for newly purchased cars should have a compulsory third-party liability cover for three years. 
  • Furthermore, by car insurance, one can get paid for hospitalization expenses in case of an accident. However, it pays for the car damages due to collision, death or natural calamities.

Tips while choosing a car insurance policy

As it takes a bulk amount of one’s lifetime wealth to buy a car, a good insurance policy should be chosen to safeguard this property. Therefore, few tips have been mentioned here to get a good car insurance policy

(i.) Selection of the best form of cover :

There are two groups in which a car insurance policy is divided, namely, Third-party and Comprehensive. In this, the third-party cover compensates only for third party damages, whereas the Comprehensive cover compensates for the third party damages as well as protects the insured car.

(ii.) Discover Discounts for the best form of cover:

One should look for a good discount offered by car insurance companies.

(iii.)Compare for the best form of cover:

One should do a good comparison before buying any car insurance policy as it will give them the idea of the best one suiting their requirements. 

(iv.)Insured Declared Value(IDV) of the vehicles should be checked :

IDV refers to the maximum claim that the insurer will pay if the insured car got damaged or stolen. Therefore, one should check for the IDV of the vehicle to choose the best car insurance policy.

(v.)Check for a voluntary deductible option :

There should be a good relationship between the premium and the deductible so that we can get the best value of the car insurance plan.

(vi.) Registration with an Automobile Association :

If one wants to get a discount on car insurance then they should get themselves registered with a good automobile association. 

(vii.) The Claim Process should be thoroughly checked :

One should also see to the easiness of the claim process before buying car insurance so that it does not create any chaos at the time of its requirement.

(viii.)Renewal process should also be looked before :

The renewal of car insurance is also very important. One should look for the renewal process offered by the car insurance company so that it does not become hectic for them at the time of getting this facility. 

As we’ve gone through a great deal of information for understanding it’s a necessity and it’s methodologies, let’s choose one of this car insurance for us which best suits our expectations. 

On comparing various car insurance plans for four-wheelers cars on the basis of the Insured Declared Value or IDV of the vehicles, we’ve got the analyzed data which is mentioned below.

1.TATA AIG Car Insurance :

Tata AIG Motor Insurance plan is a car insurance plan that considers the conventional and non-conventional risks associated with automobiles.

It ensures that the policyholders are able to get immediate help in case of emergencies. 

2.HDFC ERGO Car Insurance :

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company offers a complete range of general insurance products right from Health, Motor, Travel, and Home to Personal Accident in the retail space.

3.New India Car Insurance :

New India Assurance offers a wide range of motor insurance products that covers all the basic needs of the insured. This plan offers two types of coverage,i.e., Liability and package coverage. 

4.Oriental Car Insurance :

Oriental Insurance company provides a car insurance plan that ensures the ease of claim to the insured in difficult situations and also offers customized plans as per requirements of the insured including seamless online renewals, emergency services, and a lot more.

5.Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance :

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance is a trusted company that offers one of the best car insurance plans. It enables them to renew their car insurance quickly and conveniently within instants.

These are the top 5 car insurance companies providing the best car insurance plans for all of us.

As cars are considered to be a part of our family, we need to take care of it as well. So car insurance is one of the best ways to safeguard it from all unforeseen problems. Car insurance truly caters to the health of our car and provides privileges to the car owner in case of any discrepancy.

Things to know before purchasing a Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover

Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover

The entire world is facing a serious health hazard of coronavirus from late 2019. It results in respiratory problems, pneumonia, badly-behaved in lung functions, and even multi-organ failure. In this critical situation, everyone is suggesting to purchase a Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover. Some people have already opted for a health insurance cover. While others are still thinking of purchasing one for their family. If you are the one who is thinking of purchasing a Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover then you must read the below points to get an idea about the plan.

Adequate sum insured

Whenever we think of purchasing a health insurance policy the first thing that comes in our mind is the sum insured. It is necessary to purchase a policy that has an adequate sum insured. Numerous insurance companies in the market are providing so ever sum insured at a higher price. Before purchasing a Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover, you just need to decide a sum insured. A sum insured that is sufficient to cover the health needs of your family. If you will not look for the sum insured then it will create a problem later. You can take a sum insured of up to 5 lakhs for the treatment of coronavirus.


Coronavirus special health covers are non-renewable. They are available only for a limited period of one year. But if you have a normal health insurance policy then you can renew and use it till lifelong.


People who have a recent travel history from any highly infected country are not eligible to purchase this plan. Also, if you are found with any symptoms of coronavirus before 6 weeks of purchasing the plan. Then the company has the right to keep your policy on hold or cancel it. Additionally, any normal person of up to 75 years of age can buy Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover.

Free Look period:

All the special COVID 19 plans have a special feature of 15 days free look period. In case if you find your policy not sufficient then you can cancel it within 15 days. The insurance company will initiate your refund instantly.

Waiting period:

All health insurance policies come with a basic waiting period of 30 days. However, seeing the criticality of the coronavirus, some insurance providers have reduced their waiting period to 15-20 days.


Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover provides multiple coverage benefits for their customers. You can cover in-patient hospitalization, ambulance, OPD, and ICU charges. Apart from this, pre-hospitalization expenses of 30 days and post-hospitalization expenses of 60 days are also covered in the policy.

Difference between a Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover and a standard health insurance plan:

  • A standard health insurance plan will cover all types of ailments like critical illness, accident, and pre-existing disease. While a coronavirus plan will only cover your hospitalization and treatment of the coronavirus after purchasing the plan.
  • If you are already infected with coronavirus, then the insurance company will allow you to purchase the policy. Whereas you can take treatment from the first day after getting infected with an existing health insurance policy.
  • All standard health insurance plans come with a basic renewable tenure of 1 year and you have to renew it after 1 year to continue with the same plan. Whereas a coronavirus health insurance policy doesn’t come with a renewal option and has a total tenure of 1 year.
  • You can avail of an additional sum insured in a standard health insurance plan if your insurance account hits zero in mid of the year. But a coronavirus plan does not give you the facility to add sum insured after purchasing the plan.
  • Both standard health insurance plans and Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover gives you the freedom to take cashless treatments in the network hospitals.

Conditions that are over or excluded in Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover:

Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover is the safest option for those who want to protect themselves from the coronavirus but don’t have any health insurance plan. Though this plan provides immense protection to COVID infected patients but doesn’t seem suitable for overall protection. However, if you choose a Best Health Insurance plan then it proves to be the right choice to deal with life-threatening conditions. Read the below points to know about the inclusions and excluded from a COVID-19 insurance plan.

  • Customers who have traveled to China, Italy, Spain, Japan, Thailand, or any other most infected countries after November are not allowed to make a claim.
  • If you come in contact with a COVID-19 patient in mid 6 weeks of prior purchasing the policy then you are not eligible to purchase a policy.
  • A Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover will not cover you with the existing symptoms of coronavirus like sneezing, cough and breathing problems.
  • The insurance company will conduct several tests at the time of purchasing the policy. The insurance company has the right to put your policy on hold if they found you positive in the tests.


As per a recent survey, we have found that less than 4% of infected people have an existing health insurance policy. So, it became a serious concern for our society whether we are serious about our health or not. We all have seen various advertisements, posters, banners showing the importance of health insurance. Still, we are not thinking about opting for one for ourselves. This type of human mindset will lead to a huge loss to their saving in the future.

We have predicted the criticality of the future. Hence comes to a conclusion that it is important to opt for a Best Insurance Policy that covers your coronavirus as well as all other diseases. Although you have to pay low premiums in Coronavirus Health Insurance Cover this will end after a year. So, opting for comprehensive health insurance is better than going for a temporary Coronavirus cover.

Prevent Financial Losses by Purchasing Hero HF Deluxe two-wheeler insurance policy online?

Hero HF Deluxe two-wheeler insurance policy online

We all know that having bike insurance is important for every bike owner. Every person owns a bike for the comfort of their family members. If you are one of those who own a hero hf deluxe then first you should have bike insurance to protect yourself from road perils. Nowadays you can purchase Online bike insurance to save money and get more benefits. If you have purchased a new hero hf deluxe and haven’t insured it yet then immediately contact the insurance company to purchase a plan. We are here discussing the types, coverages, and benefits of hero hf deluxe two-wheeler insurance.

There a two type of two-wheeler insurance policies available for the customer

  • Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

This insurance type provides complete coverage to the insurance holder from damage, injury, and third-party liability. Customers can also choose for optional coverages in a comprehensive insurance plan for extra security. You can make a claim depending upon the extent and type of damages. Successful claims will be possible only with genuine bills and documents. Moreover, the bike insurance company will also assign an agent to inspect the damage.

  • Third-party liability two-wheeler insurance policy:

This insurance policy will cover the damages caused to third party property. In case of death, damage, or loss caused to the third person’s property then the insurance will help you to pay the losses. Customers will also remain safe from the legal proceedings by purchasing third-party liability insurance. This insurance also covers the indemnity amount of the disability caused to a third party. The insurance holder has to make a claim for the losses of the third party with valid documents and bills.

Popular benefits of renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy online.

  • Realistic Discounts: Customers can avail of a good amount of discount on renewing an insurance policy online. The total cost of the premium gets reduced after choosing additional discounts.
  • Lower premium rates: without any additional discount, online renewal premiums are very low in comparison to offline prices. After applying for any additional discount, the rates will get even less.
  • No hassle of traveling: Customers don’t have to take any hassle of traveling to various insurance companies. You can purchase your Bike insurance renewal policy comfortably sitting at your home. Apart from this, you can also take supersession of your family member of this as you are renewing the policy in front of them.
  • Time-saving: renewing a hero hf deluxe policy online will save your time. You have to just fill in the details of your previous policy and personal information To renew your bike insurance policy. In the final step, you have to make the payment of the total premium account and the renewal will be done in friction of seconds.
  • Viable comparison: There are multiple online websites that are providing an easy companion for the ease of customers. So, if you compare it online before purchasing then it will prove out to a Best Insurance Policy for your hero hf deluxe.
  • No break-in policy: Most of the time people avoid renewing the policy because they have to visit various companies. It will also result in discontinuation of the bike insurance policy. If you choose to renew your insurance policy online, then you can do it easily from your phone.
  • Continued NCB: Customers can take to benefits of No claim bonus if they continue to make their Two wheeler insurance renewal on time. Apart from this, the premium rates will be decreasing every year with this no claim bonus.

Coverage and exclusion in a two-wheeler insurance plan:

  • Any bodily injury, permanent or temporary disability, and death are covered in the bike insurance policy.
  • A two-wheeler insurance policy will reimburse the cost of your bike in case of theft.
  • The damage caused due to natural calamities such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, cyclones will be covered in an insurance policy.
  • Besides these natural disasters, several manmade disasters are also covered in an insurance policy. Terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, and fire damages are covered in the best insurance policy.
  • Having a third-party liability coverage is mandatory in India along with any insurance plan. This will protect you from legal proceedings in the case of third-party property damage.
  • Damage due to illegal activity is not covered in the policy.
  • An insurance policy will not cover your regular wear and tear damage.
  • The mishap caused due to drink and drive cases will not be covered in the policy.
  • if the bike rider is in the influence of any chemicals, drugs, or medicine while riding.
  • The damage caused outside the geographical boundaries is not included in insurance policies.
  • You can cover the engine and gearbox damages on opting for additional coverage in insurance plans.
  • The insurance policy will not cover the damage caused due to nuclear war.

The requirement of add on covers in an insurance policy

A basic insurance plan is not sufficient for complete coverage as it will not cover every type of damages. So, opting for add on covers while purchasing insurance will provide your additional protection. Along with the policyholder, these add on covers will protect your co-passenger from mishaps. So, if you are going to purchase or renew a hero hf deluxe insurance plan then don’t forget to choose these add on covers as per the requirement. Customers can also choose these add on covers to reduce the price of premiums.

You can choose the personal accidental cover to pay the medical bills in case of injury caused to you due to an accident. Moreover, customers can also install various security instruments on their hero hf deluxe bike to reduce the premium prices. You can compare among the multiple plans while renewing your hero hf deluxe insurance policy online.

Incredible Benefits of Planning Tata Harrier Insurance

Tata Harrier Insurance Cover And Benefits

The Tata Harrier will be strengthened at the Auto Expo 2020 next month. Unlike the older model, the current model will be possible with an automated synchromesh, a panoramic sunroof, and 18-inch metal wheels. Many customers are familiar with the Tata Harrier benefits. It is a reliable product along with all modernistic Tata cars. Its top model is also loaded to gills & provides a lot of value. As we know Harrier is quite big and has an extreme presence, features, great build, and a good engine. You get everything in it which you really demand in your car. With the tata harrier, you can maintain your standard. It is a spacious & stylish SUV. Which provides a thrill and steady ride. Typically, the diesel car gives a dignified mileage of around 17 km on a manual and automatic transmission.

Insurance for Tata Harrier Car

According to the Indian Motor Tariff, Third Party Insurance is the usual primary car insurance cover, a requirement in the nation. It grants financial coverage for your responsibilities that you can continue to any third party for any injury or damage due to an accident in your car. If you have found driving without a third party cover, then there is some possibility you will be punished with a fine of Rs. 2,000 or may attract imprisonment of up to three months. Therefore, if you want to secure your Tata Harrier, and do not want to risk for your car then contact the insurance cover team. Also, Tata Harrier’s price is quite aggressive than others. So, you should take third party insurance for your car.  

Let’s know about the types of insurance cover of Tata Harrier 

What is a third party cover?

It is an insurance cover that at least every car proprietor in India should have as per the Indian Motor Tariff. It remunerates your investments towards third parties for physical harm or loss in addition to property destruction, which may occur due to an accident with the embroilment of your car. Coverage for property impairment loss restrained to Rs. 7.5 lakhs.

Liability Insurance

When you decide you choose liability insurance, then auto liability insurance coverage aids you to cover the costs of other driver’s property & physical injury/harm when you are found wrong in an accident. When you have liability insurance, then you get to cover costs for the driver’s damaged car. Also, you would be able to minus the damaged vehicle’s amount under your covered limit. Along with the liability insurance, you get a different type of insurance such as- 

  • Carrier legal liability insurance
  • Cyber risk insurance
  • Commercial general liability policy.
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Directors & officer liability insurance
  • Commercial crime insurance
Comprehensive cover for your Tata Harrier

When you take comprehensive cover insurance for your Tata Harrier, then it helps you to repair and replace the car. When it has been stolen or damaged by someone or collision. Typically, comprehensive aids cover theft & damage from ravage or any kind of instinctive damage. For example- fire, flood, disaster, falling objects, or animals. Stay in touch with us for better information related to Best insurance policy.

Tata Harrier review which helps you to make a strong decision

When it comes to the Tata Harrier review, then it sounds positive for tata harrier cars. Because it builds with keeping in mind security, comforts, soothing hardware, BS6-compliant 2.0-liter diesel engine that helps to develop 170PS of power & 350NM of torque. And so many other benefits. Tata Harrier gives benefits according to its price.  

The Tata Harrier is one of the most exciting and impressive looking cars of Tata Motors. It is functional, chic, advanced as well as sporty from most significant points. The SUV seems quite a butchery, with a massive grille and a vigorous frontal band. The svelte DRLS & separate headlamps and stupor light packs are pretty good-looking to look at and see.

Some famous features of Tata Harrier car  

  • R17 2 tone diamond cut alloys provide an unmistakable road presence. 
  • 3D LED tail lamps with the sporty piano black finisher.
  • For a sense of dynamism & clear view, as you drive ahead.
  • Chic yet rugged finish to every start.
  • Convenience at your fingertips for the perfect rearview. 
  • More additional features like Anti-Pinch, Global Close, also the Rain-sensing closure.

Interior Design Changes in Tata Harrier

If you have made your decision to buy a Tata harrier but before that, you want to know about the Tata Harrier Interior designing. Then you will be glad to know the tata harrier boasts a large 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with mirror link, apple car play, and android auto connectivity. The audio method has proceeded to be rendered, and many people know that this presents it as a segment-best piece in different Tata models. The dashboard has a more profound silver band, with silver dialects with air conditioning vents, shifted gear, parts of the central mound, and a mount-spoke steering wheel.

What is the procedure to buy Insurance for Tata Harrier?

If you want to protect your car by taking insurance. But you are getting confused about which company you should buy insurance for your Tata Harrier. Then you should come to us and we will provide better services according to your budget. And for more information, you can contact your officials who are always ready to help you in an appropriate manner. Along with that, you can perform some required steps which are mentioned below:-

  • First of all, you can visit our official website. 
  • After that, you need to enter the name of your car in the “quote” section like the harrier tata with the model number. In case, your car name is not available, that time, you can give details of your car brand, fuel type, car model, car variant, registration place, registration year, for proceeding further.  
  • Now, enter your mobile number & name for taking car insurance quotes.
  • Then you need to compare & select the suited quotes for you according to your budget.  
  • At last, pay for the selected insurance plan. 

Six Important Lessons For Term Life Insurance buyers

Term Insurance Policy

In today’s times, it has become important to take care of the finances and make an effective financial plan. For meeting all the financial requirements, you need to be very careful about your savings and earnings. This is one of the reasons that have made people look for some sort of financial instruments through which they can get good returns. Term insurance is the best financial instrument that will help you with this. Saying wouldn’t be wrong that life is so uncertain and no one knows what will happen to the next second. Therefore, it is always advised to buy a term life insurance no matter the financial fit you are. It will keep your loved ones financially protected even after you are not there with them.

What term insurance is all about?

Term plans not only offer the benefits of financial protection but also provide a tax benefit. With a Term life insurance, you can help your family to stay financially independent in case of the demise of the insured person. Always remember that buying a term plan is the best financial strategy for the future financial requirements of your family and loved ones.  The best part is that this sort of insurance can be considered as a supplement income after retirement. So, there are several reasons for which you should buy a term plan for yourself. 

There is no doubt that every person is not an insurance expert. So, you need to learn a few lessons as an insurance buyer. These lessons will help you to get the right Term insurance policy. 

6 lessons to consider before buying a term plan

Choice of the perfect plan

If you don’t have any idea of the term policies then you might seem confusing because of various options. The availability of wide options is of course good for the insurance buyers. Are you looking for a solo earner plan? Do you want to cover your spouse in the insurance? Apart from these, several things will come to your mind whenever you are buying a term plan. The thing that you need to do is to choose an ideal plan that fulfills all your requirements. In short, the insurance buyer of term life policy needs to analyze every bit and aspect carefully. 

Besides this, you must also decide the cover amount for the insurance. For this, you will need to estimate your annual income, current expenses, and future expenses to take care of the financial needs of the family.

Focus on the right reason for buying

Why we tend to buy the best term insurance plan? Every insurance buyer will have different reasons for buying it. But, you need to look at the options and then buy for the right reason. The important thing is that you are buying a term policy for a specific purpose of covering your family. Everyone wants to cover the family protected after the policyholder is gone. Buying this insurance policy for just tax benefits cannot be the main reason for your decision. 

Consider the tenure of Policy

Many times, policy buyers ask about the tenure of the policy. The policy period of the term insurance should be enough to give the family some time to become financially independent. In practical ways, the tenure needs to be a difference in the retirement age and your current age. If you will look at the terms’ plans of the different insurer, you will see that they offer high life insurance cover up to the age of 75.

Selection of add-ons wisely

There is the availability of some add-ons with the best term insurance plan. You should not just buy it because it is appearing good to you. As a term plan buyer, you need to go for some research and find out about the benefits. Some of the add-ons that you will get are:

  • A premium waiver on disability: If the insured person becomes permanently disabled in the policy tenure then the policy premiums for future would be waived off.
  • Additional cover for accidental death: If the policyholder met with an accident and there is demise during the policy tenure then the amount would be paid to the beneficiary in addition to the basic sum assured. 
  • A premium waiver on critical illness: The future premiums for the policy would be waived off if the insured person is diagnosed with any critical illnesses. The critical illnesses that are mentioned in the policy will only be considered for waiving off.
  • Critical illness cover: If the policyholder is having any critical illness then a lump sum amount will be paid to the policyholder.
Seek expert’s advice and suggestions

Sometimes, without proper knowledge of term policies, we end up buying a plan that is meaningless for us. What is term insurance? How to know about the benefits? What should be the cover amount? These are a few questions that can confuse you. Therefore, you must seek expert’s guidance and suggestions. If anyone in your relatives or friends has bought a term plan then consult with them. Asking an insurance agent about the term plans will also help you with this. 

Always check the insurer online and make a comparison

One of the lessons that you must keep in mind is checking about the insurers of term insurance. The best way of doing so is by going online and checking the credentials of the insurer. In addition to this, you must focus on the solvency ratio and assets under management. Various insurance companies provide the feature of an online term insurance calculator. With this, the policy buyer can accurately calculate and compare the term plans.

I hope this term insurance guide is helpful for you. Stay in touch with us to get the best deals on various insurance policies.

What are the important SBI health insurance plans available for policy buyers?

Health Insurance Plans

Whenever we get stranded in some of the medical urgency, the first thing that comes to the mind is medical costs. These days, the medical cost of every illness is skyrocketing. This is because of the utilization of advanced medical equipment and treatment processes. To the best way of curbing this stress is getting medical insurance that will help you in offering you the best medical care along with financial help. In such a situation, it is better to invest in buying better insurance for incredible coverage. SBI health insurance is one of the most preferred plans that are available with several benefits. 

Some of the major highlights of health insurance of SBI are:

  • It provides different health insurance plans with the cover that ranges from Rs.50,000 to Rs.5 lakh.
  • The policyholder will get lifelong renewability.
  • SBI Insurance policies also provide coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses.
  • The best part is that there will be no need for a pre-policy medical test. This is applicable for people up to age 45 and who don’t have any medical history.
  • SBI health plans also ensure the policy buyers to get cashless treatment in the country with more than 3000 network hospitals. 

Different types of SBI Health Insurance Plans

For an individual’s requirements and budget, the company has introduced different SBI Health Insurance Plans. Let’s have a look at benefits and other details of these plans to find the right one for you.

SBI Arogya Plus Policy

One of the most preferred health insurance of SBI is SBI Arogya Plus Policy which is a comprehensive health insurance product. With this plan, the insured person will get financial protection against the expenses of and hospitalization. When you buy this plan, you don’t have to stress out because of medical expenses. The insurer will take care of all the medical costs. 

  • This sort of SBI health insurance offers a total of 142-day care expenses to the insured person. 
  • In this, the pre-policy medical test is not required for people up to 55 years.
  • Also, OPD expenses are also in the coverage. 
  • As per the OPD limit, the policyholder will get maternity expenses
  • There will be 60 days before hospitalization and 90 days after hospitalization coverage.

SBI Arogya Premier Policy

This is the best Health Insurance plan that is useful for specific healthcare requirements of HNIs. With this, you will get multiple flexible options and better medical treatment.

  • This insurance plan will also provide you 142 Day Care expenses for the insured person.
  • There is coverage for maternity expenses after a waiting period of the first 9 months.
  • In this plan, the organ donor expenses will also be covered.
  • The policyholder will get huge coverage ranging from INR 10,00,000 up to INR 30,00,000.
  • There will be coverage for 60 days for Pre & 90 days for Post Hospitalization.
  • Treatment of Ayurveda and Homeopathy are also covered in this health insurance
  • Covers the ambulance charges in the plan.

SBI Retail Health Insurance Policy

This type of insurance policy is suitable for policyholders with differing insurance requirements. In this sbi health insurance, there will be post-hospitalization expenses coverage for up to 60 days after discharge. Some of the main highlights of this health insurance are:

  • Different add-on covers are available for the policyholder by paying some extra premium in this plan.
  • The policyholder can get a wide range of coverage from Rs.50,000 to Rs.5 lakh.
  • The sum insured for family floater offers a cover of Rs.2 lakh.
  • For a family member, you will have to get an individual policy separately.

SBI Arogya Top Up policy

Another health insurance plan is SBI Arogya Top Up policy that can help the insured person to get extra protection at a low premium. The policyholder can get this plan above their pre-decided insurance amount. In this plan, the policyholder can either choose reimbursement or cashless claim settlement process as per their need. 

  • The policyholder will get the flexibility to choose the premium tenure fro 1, 2, or 3 years.
  • This policy will also cover the expenses of organ donor treatment.
  • The deductible opted, sum insured amount and the premium will be different for different policyholders. This completely depends on the age of the insured person.
  • You will get cashless treatment as there are more than 3000 network hospitals under the SBI health insurance plan.

Sbi critical illness policy

This SBI health insurance provides coverage for 13 critical illness and helps the policyholder to get the high cost of treatment. These illnesses include Multiple Sclerosis, Kidney Failure, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, and many more. The maximum entry age in this policy is up to 65 years where you can choose the plan or 1 year or 3 years.

How to renew SBI health insurance online?

The health insurance online renew is quick and easy as you don’t need to go out anywhere. The online renewal process is simple that requires just a few clicks. 

  • First of all, go to the official website of SBI general insurance.
  • After that, you need to click on the ‘renew cover’
  • Here, choose the category as ‘health insurance’ and then select the type of plan you are using.
  • In this step, mention all the details of the policy and then tap on the ‘renew now’ option
  • Again, you will have to confirm all the details once again. Now, click on the ‘let’s renew’
  • The final step is to make the make payment online. With this, you can quickly renew your health insurance plans.

I hope, this information is helpful to you. Stay in touch with us to choose the Best Insurance Policy matching your needs.

What term insurance plan is all about?

term Insurance Plans in india

Everyone wants a life that is financially stable and secure and for this people work hard. What about if you are gone? Who will take care of the financial needs of your family? For this, people buy a term insurance plan. It is mainly a life insurance product that provides financial coverage to the policyholder for a specific period even after you are gone. So, people prefer choosing the best term insurance plan that offers multiple benefits. Term insurance plans ensure complete peace of mind by ensuring that the family is financially protected and independent.

Everyone should know the importance of a term insurance plan as it comes with multiple key features. If you are buying a term plan then your nominee will get the sum assured during the demise of the policyholder. There are several insurance companies in India that offer term insurance plan with better coverage.

Benefits that one can get from term insurance

Whole Life Cover: With term insurance plans, you will get a longer coverage. Some of the plans provide cover until the age of 99 which almost means whole life cover. 

Accidental Death Benefit: The best thing is that you can also add the accidental death benefit rider to your plan. With this benefit, you will get protection against any sort of mishaps that happens in the future. The policyholder will get a choice to add a rider to their plan to increase the utility and function of the term insurance.

Affordability in premiums: If you are affordable premiums for the term life insurance then you will get high value for the cover. Premiums depend on the time at which you buy insurance. The payment of premium can be done every month, 6 months, or yearly basis as per your convenience. 

Illnesses cover: Health-related issues are just unexpected, they can happen anytime when you are not expecting it. If you are choosing the critical illness coverage then you will have to pay some additional premium to avail this feature of term insurance. In this, you will get lump-sum payouts in case of diagnosis of some critical illnesses. Apart from this, the policyholder will also have tax benefits. 

Which term insurance plan is best suited for you?

There are various insurance companies in India that provide multiple options for term insurance to individuals. Now, the confusion arises among the people about- how to choose a suitable and the best term insurance plan. When it comes to buying a plan, most of the people think which one would be best. If you also having the same doubt then here is a list of some factors following which you can find the right term insurance for yourself.

Claim settlement ratio: The first and foremost thing that needs consideration is the claim settlement ratio. This is a ratio through which you will get to know about the percentage of claims that have been paid out in the year. The higher the ratio means that it will be easy for your beneficiary to claim the insurance in your absence. Along with this, you also need to check what the total number of settled claims of the insurer is. This ratio will help you a lot in choosing the right term insurance.

Focus on the family’s requirement

The main reason for buying insurance is a family’s financial security. Therefore, it is important to estimate the lifestyle so that you can get the best term insurance cover. All that you need to do is to make an assessment of the amount that would be needed by the family. Also, you must keep in mind about inflation then buy the plan accordingly.

Cost of the premium

Buying the best term insurance plan requires some research and patient. Another factor that must be focused on is the premium cost. Everyone has a different budget according to which they choose insurance. You can narrow down the list of term insurance plans by looking at the premium cost. What would be the premium? How do you need to make payouts for the premiums? All these things must be kept in mind while choosing the term insurance plan. 

Look at the option of critical illness cover

These days, the medical costs of critical illness are skyrocketing. Therefore, you can look for the plan that comes with Critical illness cover. It will help you to cover the high cost of treatment of the illness and ensure your family is having enough money for living day-to-day life.

One important thing is that make sure you are not overlooking any of the above-mentioned factors. By following each of these, you can find suitable term insurance that affordable and provides maximum coverage. Because of multiple features and benefits, one should buy term insurance for the family’s financial security.