What types of claim facilities does car insurance provide?

Car Insurance Policy

There is a variety of damage for which you can take claim in car insurance. The time taken to claim the settlement depends on the type of damage. If the car is completely damaged then it will take more time to repair it but if there is some minor damage then it will take a few hours only. Here are some important claim types of car insurance:

Roadside assistance claim: This claim will help you to to your vehicle in case it gets damaged in an accident. This is an optional claim that you can avail of. In some cases, the insurance provider pays the complete cost of towing and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Glass damage claim: This claim will only provide expenses of the glass if your car gets damaged. You have to provide the images and other related information to the insurance provider and they will provide you complete reimbursement of the repairing cost. Further, in this case, they will also provide you the OEM and take the extra cost for it.

Total loss claim: This claim has the lengthiest process among all as it relates to the major monetary loss. Claiming for total loss can take more than one month to settle. Under this claim, the vehicle is in the totaled condition so the owner has to provide all the related images of the damage and the information to the Insurance provider for successful claim settlement.

Physical damage claim: This claim will cover the physical damage in the car and it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the claiming process. If in case the car is drivable then you can drive it, otherwise borrow or rent a car as per your requirement until it gets repaired.

What alternatives can you take if it is taking too much time for claim settlement?

In most of the cases, it will take up to one week when there are some major issues with the vehicle. But there is always an exception so in certain cases it will take a month to get your vehicle repaired or make a claim. If your car is in drivable condition then it will be a cherry on the cake but if it gets completely damaged then you have to search for an alternative option to driving to your office. The backup plan you can take are:

Take a rental car: this is the best suitable substitute you can choose, as it will cost money but will not hamper your time and family. Also, rental cars are safe and cost-effective to use.

Borrow a car from a friend: Maybe it will not cost you money but it is also not possible to keep a car from your friend. Apart from all, it is also not necessary that they will allow you to keep their vehicle for so long. So, this might be risky as you have to take care of the car so well, that even one extra scratch on the car will create a problem for you.

Which type of damage is not covered in the car insurance policy?

A car insurance policy will take care of all the major damage caused to your car but there are some exceptions that will not be covered under a car insurance policy:

  • Wear and tear in the engine due to oil leakage will not be covered.
  • If any damage will happen between the expiry and the next renewal date of the policy then it will not be covered.
  • Loss or damage caused due to nuclear perils or war will not be covered under the insurance policy.
  • The electrical and mechanical breakdown is not covered.
  • Any damage or accident that is dome intentional to harm the other person will not be covered.
  • Tire damage is not covered under the policy
  • Accidental damage that is caused due to Drunk and drive will not be considered under the policy.

Procedure to make a claim after the car accident:

You have to claim for the losses to take reimbursement of the damage caused to your vehicle from the insurance company. After that they will arrange an investigation session to find the genuinity of the accident, whether the accident is caused intentionally or it was real. If they found you true, then they will pay for the damage. By the following steps you can make a claim:

  • First of all, call the insurance company to inform them about the damage.
  • Report a complaint in the nearby police station.
  • Make a record of the details about another car’s driver such as contact number, car number, name and valid id proof. Also, look for the eye witness available at the time of an accident like shopkeepers having their shop near the accident location.
  • Now file a claim online or manually to your insurance company. Ask them to provide an inspector to evaluate the losses and further action will be taken by the insurance company.

At the time of filing the claim form, the insurance company will ask you for some documents. If you are unable to provide those documents, they will reject your claim. Here are the documents that you have to submit at the time of policy claim:

  • Documents of your insurance policy
  • Xerox of FIR that you have filed in the police station
  • Properly filled claim form with your signature mentioned on it.
  • Registration certificate (RC) of your vehicle
  • Xerox of driving license (DL)
  • A detailed estimation of the repairing cost
  • Images of the damaged caused
  • In case of any injuries caused to a passenger, Medical reports are required

If you provide all these documents, then it will take a week to get a successful claim. The time taken to complete the settlement process will completely depend on the authorities. Whether they are doing the process smoothly or not. Further, they will also set up an investigation for this to check the genuinity of the case. If they find anything suspicious then they also have the right to reject your claim.

Importance of purchasing Car Insurance:

key benefits to purchase car insurance

It is compulsory to have car insurance no matter where are you living? How rich are you? Whether you are a trained driver or not? All these things are secondary things and help you to reduce the premium but you can’t abandon it anyways. Car insurance may not be important to you but it will play a vital role in helping others if they are injured due to your mistake. A car insurance will pay for the medical expenses and reimburse the damage caused to the car as well as to the property. The increasing number of vehicles on the road will also increase the risk of accidents. So, it is important to take car insurance before anything will happen to you unexpectedly. You can purchase car insurance online or offline.

Why buying car insurance online is better than an offline option?

Due to the advancement of technology and tech-savvy people purchasing insurance become much easier. You can directly purchase it online and can receive the documents instantly on your email id.

Benefits of purchasing car insurance online:

  • If you want to buy car insurance online then you can purchase it anytime sitting at the comfort of your home. You can search for multiple plans, compare them, and select the best one that fulfils all your requirements.
  • Car insurance renewal for online insurance is also easy. You have to just pay the premium amount on the company portal by entering your insurance details.
  • Some of the people think that the terms and conditions of online policies are more complex than the offline ones. But it is simply a myth because online purchasing of car insurance will give you more clarity on coverage and benefits. You also have the record of promised benefit and if you will face any issue at the time of claiming then you can confront the insurance company for misleading.
  • The claiming process of online car insurance is also easy and unpretentious. Most of the companies are providing cashless facilities while others will provide you the reimbursement as soon as you complete the claiming procedure and submit all required documents.
  • Online insurance policies will give you huge discounts of up to 70% and it also makes the renewable amount affordable for you.
  • The valuation of every car is different and the insurance companies predefine it. So, you have to look for the high validation value so that you can manage all the expenses with that amount.
  • You can save a handful of money by avoiding the interference of a broker or insurance agent. Insurance agents provide their service on the wages received from insurance companies or chargeable basis. If you will ask an insurance broker to buy a policy for you then they will surely take a good amount from you for this. Apart from this, it is not sure that insurance companies will give the facility they have talked about or there is any capping with them or not.

Features of offline car Insurance:

  • If you don’t trust the online procedures or you are unable to understand the complexity of online car insurance policy then you can go for an offline insurance policy.
  • You have to contact an insurance agent or broker to get an offline insurance plan. You have to share your requirements with them and they will help you to choose the correct insurance plan that best suits your requirement.
  • Obviously, the offline agent will take charges from you for providing service. You can also ask them about your doubts related to the policy and they will solve your queries.
  • You can also ask them for renewal on your behalf. You have to give the money to the insurance agent; they will do it for you and give the renewal documents to you.
  • Purchasing an offline car insurance can be risky as you have to trust the unknown insurance agent, so the chances are high that he can dupe you.

The difference between online and offline car Insurance:

  • You will get multiple discount options with high margin while purchasing an online car insurance. But in offline car insurance, you will not get such offers or discounts.
  • If you purchase an online car insurance plan then the insurance provider will instantly email the documents of the policy on your registered mail id and you don’t have to carry hard copies.
  • Most of the online insurance providers give cashless facilities. While in offline insurance plans you have to pay from your pocket first and the insurance company will reimburse the amount after submitting the required documents.
  • Online car insurance policy will protect you from being cheated however offline purchasing of insurance plans can be unsafe and fiddly.
  • By taking an online insurance policy you can avoid traveling place to place in search of a broker or agent.
  • At the time of making a claim in an offline insurance policy if any document of the policy is missing or misplaced then you will not be able to take successful claims.
  • Purchasing an online insurance plan needs prior knowledge of the terms related to the insurance plans. But for offline insurance policy an agent is always there to answer all your muddles.
  • Complete knowledge of computers is a must for purchasing an online car insurance policy.
  • In offline insurance your agent will take follow-ups and remind you for renewal but in online insurance you have to remember the renewal time on your own.

Both the insurance policies have their diverse advantages and disadvantages. Some people prefer to take online insurance while others will go for the offline option. The selection and the way to purchasing an insurance plan depend on the comfort, need and knowledge of the individual. No matter which way you are choosing, at last only the benefits and coverage option will pay off your expenses. So, it is important to choose wisely by taking consultation of your friends and relatives. Moreover, you can anytime take help of an insurance agent to clear your doubts and misconceptions related to an online car insurance policy.