Get an overview of Acko bike insurance- claim settlement and coverage

acko bike insurance

In life, everything happens unexpectedly that we don’t even get to understand what just happened. This can be related to accidents on the road while riding a vehicle. According to data, around 150 thousand road accidents reported in the country in the year 2019. These accidents are fatal for bike riders because of many reasons. That is why people are always suggested to buy bike insurance to protect the riders against any sort of financial loss. Most of the people prefer buying acko bike insurance as it comes with several features and benefits. 

Bike Insurance Benefits

No matter what sort of bike you have, there is a great necessity of having bike insurance. During any case of an accident, the policyholder will get compensation for the damage that occurred to the motorbike. The amount provided by the insurer depends on multiple factors including the type of insurance opted by the policyholder.

With bike insurance, you will be getting numerous benefits. The foremost benefit that the policyholder will get is financial aid for all sorts of repair works after an accident. You will also get financial help if your motorbike gets stolen. The insurer will also provide coverage for complete as well as partial loss of policy holder’s bike. Not just this, you can also avail of a cashless claim settlement facility at various service centers and garages. In this way, you don’t need to pay whole money and then wait for the claim reimbursement.

In addition to the bike’s repair cost, there will be a facility of third party bike costs. Under this third-party insurance, the injuries of the third party and the repair cost will also be taken care of. Owing to all these reasons, bike owners prefer buying acko 2 wheeler insurance.

Let’s see what the policyholder will get coverage from this bike insurance in a discreet manner:

Theft of motorbike: Have you ever thought about what would you do in case your bike gets stolen? The best solution is to have bike insurance. If you have insured your bike with insurance then you will pay in case of bike theft. Theft of bike will get covered under your bike insurance. 

Accidents: If your bike meets an accident then the damage or the repairing cost will be covered under this insurance. No matter whether it is a minor or major one, the damages will be paid by the insurer.

Natural Calamities: One of the common questions that policy buyers have is the coverage of natural calamities. The bike will get covered against any sort of natural calamities including earthquakes and floods. Man-made calamities such as riots will also be taken care of by the insurer.

Bike fire catch: There can be huge damages to your bike because of fire that happens due to resulting explosion, lightning, or self-ignition. The policyholder need not worry as this fire catch comes under the acko bike insurance.

Bike Owner Cover: One of the important cover that bike owners will get from bike insurance is the death and disability cover. 

Third-Party losses: Sometimes if the accident is major then it can result in the injury or death of any third party. In some cases, the property will also get ruined and damaged.  All the damaged of the third party will get covered with two-wheeler insurance.

Online buying of bike insurance

Today, it is quite easy to buy online bike insurance in just a few minutes. With the online process, a policyholder doesn’t need to go through complicated paper works. The best part is that there will be direct communication between the insurer and the policy buyer which results in transparency. Along with this, there will be no long queues of form submission, everything will be done with just a few clicks. 

Cashless Bike Insurance Claim Process with Acko Bike Insurance

If your bike catches fire, gets stolen, or meets with an accident, you just need to follow a seamless process of claim settlement. The steps that you need to follow for the claim process are mentioned below:

Contact the insurer

The policyholder immediately needs to inform the insurer about the theft, fire, accident, or any other damage. You can connect with the insurer via the customer service number. Make sure to click all the pictures where the event happened. 

Claim Registration

Just submit all the details of the accident along with all the documents for the claim process. You will be given a claim reference number that you need to save for later use. 

Survey of the damage

A surveyor of the insurer will visit to check the damages and their extent.  

Settlement of Claim

After assessing the entire thing, the insurer will take care of the expenses of the damage and will pay direct to the garage.