What Benefits Do Top health insurance companies offer?

In today’s fast-paced life, insurance is the most important part thing in everyone’s life and we all must have done our health insurance either it is from personal or from any organization we are working in. Health insurance also protects you from unexpected high medical costs. Our modern lifestyle and untimely eating habit play an important role in making ourselves unhealthy. There are so many diseases that are very common these days such as obesity, High Blood pressure, Diabetes and 80% of the Indians are suffering from these types of diseases. When there is so much competition in everything, health insurance companies are also providing their best to become in the topmost in the list. Some of the renowned and Best health insurance companies are:

1. Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited

2. Max Bupa Health Insurance Company

3. Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company

4. Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company

5. Religare Health Insurance Company

6. ICICI Lombard Insurance Company

7. New India Assurance Insurance Company

8. Oriental Insurance Company Limited

9. National Insurance Company

10. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Types of Health Insurance Plans:

There are numerous health plans available in the market, but some majorly used Health insurance plans available in the market to ensure you, your family, your employees, and your old aged parents are:

  1. Personal/Individual health insurance plan: In this plan, you can only insure yourself or you can say that only one person can be covered under this insurance plan.
  2. Family floater plans: This plan is best suited to insured a family that includes your parents or spouse and kids. 
  3. Group health cover: This insurance plan is taken by corporate houses and offices for insuring their employees with the same benefits to all. Every organization providing health insurance also deduct the amount for the same from your salary. 
  4. Senior citizen health insurance: Medical treatment for old aged persons are extremely expensive these days. So, the premium is also high in this case as compared to other policies. If someone in your family is having an age of 65 or more then you can take this insurance to cover the medical expenses.
  5. Critical illness health cover: This policy covers the expenses caused in life-threatening diseases like cancer, tumor, paralysis or any type of major surgeries.

As you all must know that medical care is so much expensive these days, so it is compulsory for everyone to take health insurance. By taking any health insurance policy, you can take cashless treatments at the hospitals nearby you at the time of emergency. You can take this insurance plan as per the requirement of you and your family. It will also provide moral support to your family members when suddenly the earning person is suffering from any serious disease. The beat health insurance policy must include all features like transportation charges, cashless treatment, maternity benefits, cover medical check-ups costs, OPD, Pre and post hospitalization charges and multiple network hospitals.

Benefits of Health Insurance:

  1. Treatment Without Cash: By taking health insurance you can take treatment in the list of collaborated hospitals without cash. 
  2. Include Transportation Charges: Insurance policy must cover the ambulance charges for the transportation of the insured person.
  3. Outpatient Department: Insurance policy covers the cost of OPD is best because not every minor disease we need to get admitted in the hospital bus the medicines and check-ups also cost too high for a middle-class family.
  4. Tax Benefit: Health insurance also provides a tax benefit to some extent for taxpayers.
  5. Pre And Post Hospitalization Charges Include: It must include all the pre and post-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days such as medicines, medical tests and other expenses costs due to hospitalization of the insured person.
  6. Room Charges: It also covers the charges of the room, if you take any private room in the hospital.
  7. Maternity benefit: It includes the expenses of the insured pregnant lady and the newborn baby up to 90 days.
  8. No claim bonus: In case you did not claim anything in a single year you will get a 10% increase in the sum insured for next year. Further, if you do not claim for anything in 2 years then the sum insured will be increased by 20% and so on. A maximum bonus of up to 50% is permissible.

How to choose the right insurance policy:

It is always a difficult task to choose from the best policies available in the market. These are about 900 health insurance companies in the market offering multiple facilities at a different amount which you have to pay annually. 

These are several quotes you can find online to compare some best health insurance policies. You will also find detailed information in comparison of various policies and the cost of premium you have to pay. Online searching is an easy and fast way to compare from Best Mediclaim policy available in the market. Further, you can always ask your friends and family for any suggestions related to health insurance policies. 

Portability in health insurance: 

Portability gives you the freedom to change your insurance company if you have not liked the benefits or services provided by your previous insurance company. You can port your insurance plan to plan other health insurance companies in 30 days grace period. All you need are the following documents to port your insurance policy:

  • CARE proposal form
  • Portability form
  • Copy of expiring health insurance policy
  • Copy of renewal notice