How To Find Insurance Policy Number By Vehicle Number?

How To Find Insurance Policy Number By Vehicle Number?

Two-Wheeler Insurance is based on the rules laid down in the 1988 Motor Vehicles Law. This law regulates the traffic rules that motor vehicles in India must comply with, and such a rule is the need for motor vehicle insurance that applies to all vehicles. If you have a bike, you need valid Bike Insurance Online. Due to this rule, all biker owners invest in bicycle insurance. Mandatory bicycle insurance is liability insurance for bicycle injuries, property damage, or the death of third parties. However, if you follow a comprehensive policy, you will also be insured for the damage caused by the bike.

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a third-party policy or a comprehensive policy, the bike’s registration number is used to purchase the policy. Let’s understand what this number is and how you can use it to check the status of the bike insurance.

What is the bike registration number?

The registration number of your bike is a unique number assigned by your area’s Regional Transportation Office (RTO). This number is unique to each vehicle and helps identify the bike and its owner. If you buy a new bike, you must register your bike with your local RTO within 30 days of purchase. If the bike has been successfully registered, RTO will give your bike a unique registration number that you need to add. This number is on a label and has been added to your bike for identification.

Use Of Registration Number

The registration number not only helps you identify the bike but also:

1) Remove the bicycle lock:

Without the registration number of the bike, you cannot make Bike Insurance Online. When the policy is specified, the bike’s registration number is added to the policy document to ensure that the bicycle policy is published.

2) Renewal of Two-Wheeler Insurance:

Even if you want to extend your bike insurance, you will still need to provide your bike’s registration number so that your policy can be extended. It is not possible to take out and extend bicycle insurance without the bike’s registration number.

3) Right to rights:

When you make a request, you will need your bicycle insurance number and bicycle registration number at the time of the request. The registration certificate of the bike must be offered to meet your needs.

4) For questions from third parties:

If you have an accident and are physically injured due to someone else’s bike, you can apply for third-party coverage if you have the person’s bike registration number. The registration number can be used to check the status of the Two Wheeler Insurance Online and you can check the status and claim third party injuries.

5) To check your bike insurance data:

If you do not have bicycle insurance at hand and you need insurance information for your bicycle, you can use your bicycle registration number. It is possible to check the bike insurance information with a registration number. Just enter the number and you will get full details of your bike insurance.

Easy ways to check Two-Wheeler Insurance Online

Even if you forget your Bike insurance information or have lost your insurance documents, you can easily check if your Bike is still insured. The Insurance company has privilege to track your renewal date and other general information.

The Internet has made various insurance transactions efficient and fast. New-age digital insurance companies are at the forefront to provide the best customer service. Read on to learn how to check online Bike insurance status.

How To check the status of the Bike Insurance Online:

There are two basic methods of checking the status of Two-Wheeler Insurance but most efficient with the advent of the Internet. To know more about your bike insurance status online through the Insurance Information Office (IIB) established by IRDAI follow the below-given steps:

1. Visit the IIB web portal.

2. In the required fields, enter information such as name, email ID or mobile phone number, address, license plate, and accident date.

3. Enter the security code and click Submit.

4. Details on how to lock the two join wheels displays. If not, previous policy details display.

5. If you cannot see the details using the method described above, you can call the bike’s engine and chassis number.

Simple Steps to Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Like all other health or property insurance, bike insurance protects the policyholder from financial losses in the event of unfortunate events. Bicycle insurance is valid for one to three years. During this time, the insurer will cover the cost of repairs of damage or injury, depending on the type of cap purchased by the owner of an insured bicycle. The type of Online Bike Insurance can be liability insurance or full insurance. 

As its name suggests, a Best Insurance Policy covers third-party risk, while a comprehensive policy covers its own and other third-party damages and risks.

Steps to purchase two-wheeled insurance online

Online Bike Insurance made it possible to secure your bike in a matter of minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide to buying bicycle insurance online:

Step 1: Research

Learn the basics of two-wheel insurance before buying the policy. Learn the terms used in this industry. This is useful if you have online bike insurance. Authority bonus (NCB), insured record value (IDV), liability to third parties, comprehensive guidelines, no depreciation, etc.

Step 2: Insurance Company

Choosing the right insurance company is as important as buying the right policy. Ideal bicycle insurance should offer first-class pre-sales and customer service. After registering with the insurer, visit their website to get Online Bike Insurance.

Step 3: Choose the type of bike insurance

To select the type of bike insurance, go to the Bicycle Insurance page and enter the details of your bike. Then choose the type of Bike Insurance Online you want to buy.

Step 4: Set up IDV

While choosing the Two-Wheeler Insurance, you will be asked to set your bike’s IDV. This step shows the current market value of your bike. IDV decreases over time and affects bike insurance premiums.

Step 5: Choose Plugins

After setting up IDV for your bike, choose the add-ons if you have comprehensive bike insurance in the previous stages. You can choose from a list of bicycle insurance add-ons. 

Step 6: Payment

Payment is the final stage of your bike’s insurance. After payment, you will receive the Best Insurance Policy document in your e-mail inbox. You can download this copy and print it. This edition is fully valid. You have completed the transaction after paying for the online bike insurance.

Need of Zero Depreciation Cover in bike insurance

Zero Depreciation Cover in bike insurance!

Whenever you purchase a new and expensive bike, you make sure to protect it from extreme damages. We cannot predict damages or accidents. Whether you are an experienced driver or a fresher one, it will not change the circumstances of the accident. So, it is better to be on the safer side and choose additional coverage. In that case, a zero depreciation cover is worth an investment for the protection of your bike. The insurance company will pay the complete cost of the bike without considering depreciation. So, purchasing a zero depreciation two-wheeler insurance is very helpful for every bike owner.

A comprehensive bike insurance policy is always there to provide coverage but it considers the depreciation amount. Depreciation reduces the actual amount of the vehicle hence the insurance company ended up paying the recent market price of the bike.

Benefits of Zero Depreciation cover:

Opting a zero depreciation policy is always beneficial. Here are some major benefits of opting a Zero Depreciation cover.

  • It will increase the savings and reduce the risk at the time of claims. Bike owners don’t have to pay much from their pockets at the time of making a claim.
  • The car owner will receive the complete amount including depreciation amount and after deducting some required amount in the policy.
  • Generally, the depreciation rate of two-wheelers varies from 0% to 40%. But with a zero depreciation plan customers don’t have to pay for the expenses of paintwork, rubber, and fiberglass parts at the time of service.
  • Customers have to pay 0% charges for the repair and replacement of spare parts whereas you have to pay 50%. charges for tubes, tires, & batteries.
  • If you own an expensive bike then it is also obvious that their spare parts are also expensive. So, people with expensive bikes majorly own this coverage while renewing bike insurance online.
  • Opting for a zero depreciation cover while purchasing two-wheeler insurance for your new bike will give your peace of mind. As you don’t have to take any financial stress in repairing the damage.
  • It widens the coverage of your bike in extreme damage conditions.

What is Zero Depreciation Cover?

Zero depreciation cover is an add on provided in two-wheeler insurance policies. It provides additional benefits to the cost of bikes by neglecting depreciation costs. It is obvious that the vehicle price will depreciate with passing time due to wear and tear. So, opting for a zero depreciation cover along with the basic plan is a wise decision. You have to choose this as add on while purchasing the bike insurance online. Most of the insurance companies provide this coverage option for new bikes of less than two years. The premium price will increase on opting zero depreciation for which you will receive a high claiming amount. Customers can opt for this cover both while purchasing or renewing Online Bike insurance.

Scenarios excluded under Zero Depreciation Cover:
  • If the bike damages due to mechanical defects then it will not be covered in the policy. 
  • Parts that are not mentioned in the policy will be covered in a zero depreciation policy. 
  • If the bike damages due to natural hazards then it will not be covered under the policy.
  • Damages caused due to mechanical wear and tear are not included in the policy.
  • It is important to go through the policy documents carefully as zero depreciation covers are only applicable for selected models.

Comprehensive Plan Vs Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Plan-What is Better?

Comprehensive Plan Vs Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Plan

It is not an easy task to compare two different insurance policies. Especially when it comes to Comprehensive vs zero depreciation in bike insurance. Both plans have their separate advantages and drawbacks. If you exclude any of these then you must have to suffer financial harm. These plans complement each other and provide combined protection to the bike. Overall, we can easily understand it by saying that Comprehensive Insurance + Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance = Complete protection and 100% Peace of Mind.

  • If you have purchased a new bike then a zero depreciation cover is suitable for complete protection. Whereas you own an old bike then a Comprehensive plan is enough to shield you.
  • Customers have to pay a high premium for choosing zero depreciation covers in a bike insurance plan. Comparatively, a comprehensive plan has low annual premiums
  • You can cover your bike in depreciation cover for a certain period of time. That time depends upon the insurance company, model, and variant of your bike. Most of the companies take it within two years of purchasing a bike. On the other hand, comprehensive plans are available for all types of two-wheelers.
  • The market price of bikes reduces with the passage of time. Hence, comprehensive cover will deduct the Depreciation cost of the parts while providing a claim. Customers can take a claim up to a specific amount for the predefined damages. You can find the list of damages in the policy document. The company will deduct all the taxes and charges before giving the claim. But on the other hand in Zero Depreciation cover, you will get the whole amount after reducing some compulsory deductions.

Role of zero depreciation cover in Comprehensive policy:

We have heard that a comprehensive plan provides the best protection against damages. But there are some exceptions in every case. So, there are certain scenarios where this comprehensive plan fails and customers don’t get the appropriate benefits.

  • A comprehensive cover is perfect for the reimbursement of damages for a well-used bike. It pays the expenses of repairing and replacement of bike parts as per current market value. Altogether, we can say that the insurance company will cut off the depreciation charges before settling the claim. But what happens if your newly purchased bike met with an accident and got damaged within a few days after purchasing. You have to pay the repairing bills disappointingly. Also, at that time a well-equipped comprehensive plan will be of no use and you have to pay money from your pocket. This damage will cost you too high.
  • Customers can protect themselves from this type of incident by opting for a zero depreciation cover at the time of purchasing basic bike insurance policy. When you purchase an insurance plan, you take it for financial protection as well as for mental peace. So, ignoring a zero depreciation cover while purchasing or renewing online bike insurance proves to be very disappointing.
  • As per the strict rules of government, it is important to have third party liability coverage for all the motor vehicles. So, purchasing a comprehensive plan with third party liability coverage is necessary to pay for the social losses.

Coverage provided in a Comprehensive Insurance policy: 

  • Comprehensive Insurance policy is a complete package of repair and hospitalization benefits. It will pay for the bodily injury, social property damage as well as for the damage of the vehicle. 
  • Comprehensive Insurance policy will cover all the major and valid reasons for damage. It includes accidents such as theft, accidents, riots, fire explosion, natural disasters, and terrorist activities.

Exclusions in Comprehensive Insurance policy:

There are some scenarios that are not covered in the Comprehensive bike Insurance policy:

  • Customers will not be able to make a claim after the expiry of the policy.
  • If the policyholder is riding a bike under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any chemical then it will not be covered in the policy.
  • The insurance company will not consider the accidents or damage that are planned intentionally.
  • If you are using your personal vehicle for commercial purposes, then it will not be covered in the comprehensive policy.

Coverage provided in a Zero Depreciation Insurance policy

Zero Depreciation Two-Wheeler insurance plan is purchased by the owners of a new bike. This coverage does not deduct the amount of wear and tear of bike parts. 

  • Depreciation simply means the reduction of the market price of a bike due to wear and tear with the passage of time. Once you purchase the bike the depreciating amount starts to reduce. And it reduces till you use the bike.
  • In Zero Depreciation coverage, customers will get the total insured amount including the depreciation cost of the bike.
  • Customers don’t have to pay charges for repairing or replacement of most of the parts.

Exclusions in Zero Depreciation Insurance policy:

  • The insurer will not consider any type of wear and tear damages on the bike.
  • Zero Depreciation Insurance policy will consider selected parts for replacement at no charges. The company will take help price for other parts.
  • Natural calamities resulting in the damage of the bike are not covered in the policy.
  • Zero Depreciation Insurance policy covers only selected models of bikes that are expensive. If the age of your bike is more than 5 years then you cannot choose for Zero Depreciation cover while renewing the insurance plan. This timeline further varies from company to company.
  • Searching for a Best Insurance Policy through an offline method is very difficult hence customers can check Two-wheeler insurance online to get more benefits and advantages.

Prevent Financial Losses by Purchasing Hero HF Deluxe two-wheeler insurance policy online?

Hero HF Deluxe two-wheeler insurance policy online

We all know that having bike insurance is important for every bike owner. Every person owns a bike for the comfort of their family members. If you are one of those who own a hero hf deluxe then first you should have bike insurance to protect yourself from road perils. Nowadays you can purchase Online bike insurance to save money and get more benefits. If you have purchased a new hero hf deluxe and haven’t insured it yet then immediately contact the insurance company to purchase a plan. We are here discussing the types, coverages, and benefits of hero hf deluxe two-wheeler insurance.

There a two type of two-wheeler insurance policies available for the customer

  • Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy:

This insurance type provides complete coverage to the insurance holder from damage, injury, and third-party liability. Customers can also choose for optional coverages in a comprehensive insurance plan for extra security. You can make a claim depending upon the extent and type of damages. Successful claims will be possible only with genuine bills and documents. Moreover, the bike insurance company will also assign an agent to inspect the damage.

  • Third-party liability two-wheeler insurance policy:

This insurance policy will cover the damages caused to third party property. In case of death, damage, or loss caused to the third person’s property then the insurance will help you to pay the losses. Customers will also remain safe from the legal proceedings by purchasing third-party liability insurance. This insurance also covers the indemnity amount of the disability caused to a third party. The insurance holder has to make a claim for the losses of the third party with valid documents and bills.

Popular benefits of renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy online.

  • Realistic Discounts: Customers can avail of a good amount of discount on renewing an insurance policy online. The total cost of the premium gets reduced after choosing additional discounts.
  • Lower premium rates: without any additional discount, online renewal premiums are very low in comparison to offline prices. After applying for any additional discount, the rates will get even less.
  • No hassle of traveling: Customers don’t have to take any hassle of traveling to various insurance companies. You can purchase your Bike insurance renewal policy comfortably sitting at your home. Apart from this, you can also take supersession of your family member of this as you are renewing the policy in front of them.
  • Time-saving: renewing a hero hf deluxe policy online will save your time. You have to just fill in the details of your previous policy and personal information To renew your bike insurance policy. In the final step, you have to make the payment of the total premium account and the renewal will be done in friction of seconds.
  • Viable comparison: There are multiple online websites that are providing an easy companion for the ease of customers. So, if you compare it online before purchasing then it will prove out to a Best Insurance Policy for your hero hf deluxe.
  • No break-in policy: Most of the time people avoid renewing the policy because they have to visit various companies. It will also result in discontinuation of the bike insurance policy. If you choose to renew your insurance policy online, then you can do it easily from your phone.
  • Continued NCB: Customers can take to benefits of No claim bonus if they continue to make their Two wheeler insurance renewal on time. Apart from this, the premium rates will be decreasing every year with this no claim bonus.

Coverage and exclusion in a two-wheeler insurance plan:

  • Any bodily injury, permanent or temporary disability, and death are covered in the bike insurance policy.
  • A two-wheeler insurance policy will reimburse the cost of your bike in case of theft.
  • The damage caused due to natural calamities such as floods, landslides, earthquakes, cyclones will be covered in an insurance policy.
  • Besides these natural disasters, several manmade disasters are also covered in an insurance policy. Terrorist attacks, riots, strikes, and fire damages are covered in the best insurance policy.
  • Having a third-party liability coverage is mandatory in India along with any insurance plan. This will protect you from legal proceedings in the case of third-party property damage.
  • Damage due to illegal activity is not covered in the policy.
  • An insurance policy will not cover your regular wear and tear damage.
  • The mishap caused due to drink and drive cases will not be covered in the policy.
  • if the bike rider is in the influence of any chemicals, drugs, or medicine while riding.
  • The damage caused outside the geographical boundaries is not included in insurance policies.
  • You can cover the engine and gearbox damages on opting for additional coverage in insurance plans.
  • The insurance policy will not cover the damage caused due to nuclear war.

The requirement of add on covers in an insurance policy

A basic insurance plan is not sufficient for complete coverage as it will not cover every type of damages. So, opting for add on covers while purchasing insurance will provide your additional protection. Along with the policyholder, these add on covers will protect your co-passenger from mishaps. So, if you are going to purchase or renew a hero hf deluxe insurance plan then don’t forget to choose these add on covers as per the requirement. Customers can also choose these add on covers to reduce the price of premiums.

You can choose the personal accidental cover to pay the medical bills in case of injury caused to you due to an accident. Moreover, customers can also install various security instruments on their hero hf deluxe bike to reduce the premium prices. You can compare among the multiple plans while renewing your hero hf deluxe insurance policy online.

What is The Importance of Purchasing Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance?

online bike insurance

Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy will provide safety to your family members. Almost all Indians have a two-wheeler in their house that they use while traveling to work. We know that a middle man invests his whole life earning to buy a two-wheeler just because he wants to travel with convenience. So, if anything happens to them or their bike, then it would be a tragedy for their family. To reduce the burden of this tragedy, it is important to opt for an insurance policy. Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance is one of the leading insurance companies these days. This insurance company is best known for its low premiums and attractive coverage options.

  • Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy is the basic requirement of every common man.
  • It will protect you from unexpected financial loss.
  • It helps you to sort out legal procedures after an accident.
  • The best insurance policy will pay your medical expenses in case of injuries to the passenger.
  • All permanent or temporary disabilities are also covered under two-wheeler insurance policies.
  • Purchasing an insurance policy on time will also save you from unnecessary headaches.
  • An insurance policy will reimburse your transportation cost if you take any public transport.
  • It will protect you from third-party liability losses.
  • Insurance provides cashless garage services to repair your car.
  • In case the policyholder dies, the insurance policy will pay 10 times the sum insured to his family.

What are the add on covers you can avail in Online Bike insurance?

If you are going to purchase an online two wheeler insurance then you can opt for supplement add on covers. However, you have to pay an extra amount in your premium to get these coverages. Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance company is one of the best insurance companies offering two-wheeler plans.

  • Damage caused due to manmade and natural calamities: Nature is uncertain and can be harmful at times. This add on will reimburse the cost of damage caused due to natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, hurricanes, storms, and hail.

Not only climate sometimes manmade activities also caused damage to vehicles. Terrorist attacks, nuclear wars, and riots are some common examples of manmade calamities.

  • Third-party liability coverage: This insurance coverage is mandatory in India to cover up the losses of other personal property. If the accident is caused due to the mistake of another person then you don’t have to pay losses and the same goes to you. The damage, loss, or injury caused by the insured vehicle is covered under this category.
  • Personal accident cover: This cover will pay for the medical bills of the injured person. For an insurance company, it is equally important to save your life like your vehicle. The policyholder will get a personal accident cover of up to 15 lakhs under this coverage. Moreover, you can also opt for a passenger rider for the protection of your family members.

How can you purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy?

There are two ways to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy. Customers can either contact a third party insurance agent or go for an online option. 

Contacting an insurance agent:

An insurance agent works on a chargeable basis and asks you for a good amount of money to provide service. They will also elaborate on the terms related to insurance and help you to purchase the best plan. You have to coordinate well with the agent to make him understand your requirements and budget. He has the right to fill up the insurance policy form on your behalf and take it to the company. He will also be there to provide you after-sales service. You can contact him anytime if you are facing any sort of problem while renewing or making a claim. Moreover, they will also contact you or remind you of the renewal of policy so that it doesn’t get lapsed. A lapsed insurance policy will no longer be able to give you benefit in the future.

Purchase an insurance plan online:

The second and the easy option that customers can avail of to purchase an insurance plan is an online method. There are so many websites which provide an easy comparison of all the companies on the same platform. There are lots of deductibles and exclusions that an insurance agent will never tell you. So, It is essential to compare insurance policies online before purchasing it. Customers will get a lot of informative stuff while browsing different insurance companies.

  • You can compare the quotes of all the plans provided by different insurance companies.
  • Online purchasing of a bike insurance plan will give you a good discount.
  • An extra advantage of purchasing an insurance plan online is that you don’t have to pay for the agent. This will help you to save more money.
  • If you don’t make any claim in a year then the insurance provider will reward you with no claim bonus. You will get up to a 50% additional discount on the premium with no claim bonus.
  • If you are opting for online bike insurance then you can also cancel it easily.
  • There is no paperwork and you have to submit the form online.
  • You will get confirmation and policy documents instantly after paying the premium.
  • You can keep the soft copy of the policy document safely on your email and can access it from anywhere.

Customers can also choose for a multiyear insurance plan as per their budget to save more money on premium amounts. We advise you to purchase Online insurance from Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance company to experience a hassle-free claiming. It is necessary to renew your policy before it gets lapsed. Once the policy gets lapsed then you have to pay penalties to renew it again.