Why should you choose the HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance policy?

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance policy

Everyone knows that there are more than 25 two-wheeler insurance companies recently working in India. So, it becomes very difficult for customers to choose a single policy that covers all the damages. Also, each of them has a unique facility that others should lack. Some of them provide high coverage, whether the others provide policy at low premiums. But only HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance company is the one that provides complete coverage at a low premium. It safeguards your bike against accidents, theft, malicious damage, and natural calamities.

Formal Introduction Of Insurance Company

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance company has more than 1 crore satisfied customers over the globe. Not only in India this company is also cherished in foreign countries for its excellent services. This company has more than 6,800+ network garages spread over the country that provide cashless repairing service. HDFC ERGO is the best two-wheeler insurance company with a 94% claim settlement ratio. If you want to purchase Online vehicle insurance for your bike then this company will take care of all damages. As per the motor vehicle act, it is compulsory to have a third party coverage to reimburse the social property damage. Hence, this insurance policy will also aid you with a fine waiver apart from repairing expenses.

You can’t even imagine bearing the unforeseen high expenses without a two-wheeler insurance plan. Below is the main feature of the HDFC plan that will surely convenience you to purchase one for your bike.

  • No hassle of carrying hard copies.
  • Get up to 70% discount on premiums.
  • If you will not make a claim for consecutive 5 years then the company will reward you with a No Claim Bonus of up to 50%.
  • Round the clock assistance service to solve the queries of customers.
  • Get instant approval of claim settlement within 24 hours of an incident.
  • Transparent policies and easy claiming procedure.

What are the key factors that can affect your HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance premium?

Bike insurance policies are very easy to buy. You can either contact an agent or purchase it from an Online two-wheeler insurance website. But purchasing a whatever policy will not provide you sufficient coverage. Whereas if you want to take complete coverage from all damages then your pocket will get empty. So, it is very important to know about the factors that can affect your insurance premium.

  • Age of Bike (Year of purchasing the bike):

The value of every asset decreases with time and so does with your bike. Your bike insurance premium is inversely proportional to the age of the bike. If you have purchased a new bike then it has more market value then the old one. Also, the repair of a new bike needs more funds than the old one. It concludes that the premium of a new bike is higher than an old used bike.

  • Model and variant:

The year of manufacture, place of registration, engine capacity, the model of bike, and fuel variant are the important factors to decide your bike insurance premium. If you are going to purchase vehicle insurance online, then also you have to enter these details. The website will show you the premium as per the provided information.

  • Installation of security systems:

Installing a security device on your bike will reduce the effort of the insurance company in case your bike gets stolen. Resulting in which they will provide you with an extra discount on the premium. So, if you install a verified tracking device on your vehicle then the company will reduce your premium.

  • Choice of coverage:

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance company provides a range of coverage options for their customers. It is important to specify your needs while purchasing an insurance policy. If you opt for unbeneficial coverage then it will unwantedly increase your premium. Moreover, you can also choose for long term plans as per your budget. This will give you an additional discount on the premium rates.

Incidence covered in an HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance policy:

It is not necessary that every company will consider all your losses. Any misconceptions regarding the policy will cause you a huge loss while claiming. Experts always suggest checking the policy clauses before purchasing the insurance policy. You will get the following coverage in HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance policy:

  • Accidents:

Accidents are always unpredictable and it causes heavy damage to both the rider and the bike. A company not covering the accidental damages will be simply of no use. But with HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance company, you can take cashless claims in case of volatile accidents.

  • Theft:

It is not less than a nightmare when you get to listen that your bike got stolen. So, this company will not let your nightmare come true and provide coverage from theft.

  • Disaster:

There are multiple types of disasters that can hit your location. Sometimes they are natural while other times they are caused due to manmade activities. HDFC ERGO will reduce your stress and cover all types of natural as well as man-made disasters in the policy. So, the damages caused due to floods, riots, earthquakes, cyclones, terror attract are included in the policy.

  • Explosion and fire coverage:

Now don’t get panic if your garage is in the fire. Our insurance policy will reimburse the losses caused to your bike. All you need to inform the insurance company and we will take care after the damages.

  • Personal accidental protection:

It is not less than a blessing to have a personal accidental cover in your bike insurance policy. Not all insurance companies provide personal accidental coverage but you will get a default coverage of 15 lakhs with HDFC ergo.

  • Third-party liability:

               Third-party liability coverage will cover third party losses and medical expenses. If someone gets injured in an accident with your bike then this will provide the medical expenses of that person. not only the hospital bills, it will also provide financial help in case of demise and permanent/temporary disability.

What is The Importance of Purchasing Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance?

online bike insurance

Buying a two-wheeler insurance policy will provide safety to your family members. Almost all Indians have a two-wheeler in their house that they use while traveling to work. We know that a middle man invests his whole life earning to buy a two-wheeler just because he wants to travel with convenience. So, if anything happens to them or their bike, then it would be a tragedy for their family. To reduce the burden of this tragedy, it is important to opt for an insurance policy. Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance is one of the leading insurance companies these days. This insurance company is best known for its low premiums and attractive coverage options.

  • Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy is the basic requirement of every common man.
  • It will protect you from unexpected financial loss.
  • It helps you to sort out legal procedures after an accident.
  • The best insurance policy will pay your medical expenses in case of injuries to the passenger.
  • All permanent or temporary disabilities are also covered under two-wheeler insurance policies.
  • Purchasing an insurance policy on time will also save you from unnecessary headaches.
  • An insurance policy will reimburse your transportation cost if you take any public transport.
  • It will protect you from third-party liability losses.
  • Insurance provides cashless garage services to repair your car.
  • In case the policyholder dies, the insurance policy will pay 10 times the sum insured to his family.

What are the add on covers you can avail in Online Bike insurance?

If you are going to purchase an online two wheeler insurance then you can opt for supplement add on covers. However, you have to pay an extra amount in your premium to get these coverages. Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance company is one of the best insurance companies offering two-wheeler plans.

  • Damage caused due to manmade and natural calamities: Nature is uncertain and can be harmful at times. This add on will reimburse the cost of damage caused due to natural calamities such as flood, cyclone, hurricanes, storms, and hail.

Not only climate sometimes manmade activities also caused damage to vehicles. Terrorist attacks, nuclear wars, and riots are some common examples of manmade calamities.

  • Third-party liability coverage: This insurance coverage is mandatory in India to cover up the losses of other personal property. If the accident is caused due to the mistake of another person then you don’t have to pay losses and the same goes to you. The damage, loss, or injury caused by the insured vehicle is covered under this category.
  • Personal accident cover: This cover will pay for the medical bills of the injured person. For an insurance company, it is equally important to save your life like your vehicle. The policyholder will get a personal accident cover of up to 15 lakhs under this coverage. Moreover, you can also opt for a passenger rider for the protection of your family members.

How can you purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy?

There are two ways to purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy. Customers can either contact a third party insurance agent or go for an online option. 

Contacting an insurance agent:

An insurance agent works on a chargeable basis and asks you for a good amount of money to provide service. They will also elaborate on the terms related to insurance and help you to purchase the best plan. You have to coordinate well with the agent to make him understand your requirements and budget. He has the right to fill up the insurance policy form on your behalf and take it to the company. He will also be there to provide you after-sales service. You can contact him anytime if you are facing any sort of problem while renewing or making a claim. Moreover, they will also contact you or remind you of the renewal of policy so that it doesn’t get lapsed. A lapsed insurance policy will no longer be able to give you benefit in the future.

Purchase an insurance plan online:

The second and the easy option that customers can avail of to purchase an insurance plan is an online method. There are so many websites which provide an easy comparison of all the companies on the same platform. There are lots of deductibles and exclusions that an insurance agent will never tell you. So, It is essential to compare insurance policies online before purchasing it. Customers will get a lot of informative stuff while browsing different insurance companies.

  • You can compare the quotes of all the plans provided by different insurance companies.
  • Online purchasing of a bike insurance plan will give you a good discount.
  • An extra advantage of purchasing an insurance plan online is that you don’t have to pay for the agent. This will help you to save more money.
  • If you don’t make any claim in a year then the insurance provider will reward you with no claim bonus. You will get up to a 50% additional discount on the premium with no claim bonus.
  • If you are opting for online bike insurance then you can also cancel it easily.
  • There is no paperwork and you have to submit the form online.
  • You will get confirmation and policy documents instantly after paying the premium.
  • You can keep the soft copy of the policy document safely on your email and can access it from anywhere.

Customers can also choose for a multiyear insurance plan as per their budget to save more money on premium amounts. We advise you to purchase Online insurance from Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance company to experience a hassle-free claiming. It is necessary to renew your policy before it gets lapsed. Once the policy gets lapsed then you have to pay penalties to renew it again.