How to reimburse the damage of your Royal Enfield classic 350?

reimburse the damage of your Royal Enfield classic 350?

We all know that Royal Enfield is an imperial bike and has a high maintenance cost. People purchased a Royal Enfield classic 350 by investing their hard-earned money for years. Every customer should opt for a Royal Enfield classic 350 Insurance to remain safe from the extra burden of damage. Bike insurance will not only look for financial damages but also take care of the bodily injuries. So, it is high time to choose bike insurance if you own a costly bike like Bullet 350. Apart from this, the Royal Enfield company also deals with other variants of this bike. Whatever variants you have, it is compulsory to take bike insurance.

Not only the bike but the Royal Enfield classic 350 price of premium is equally high as of the bike. All the parts of the bike are imported from multiple countries. Also, garage mechanics need special guidance from experts to assemble these parts at the Indian service center.

Specification of the Royal Enfield classic 350:

  • The bike consists of a 4 stroke twin spark engine that can handle the pressure in any rough terrain.
  • It has a displacement of 346 cc with a maximum power capacity of 19.8 bhp at 5250 rpm.
  • The gearbox of Royal Enfield classic 350 has 5-speed constant mesh and has a ground clearance of 135 mm.
  • The maximum torque of wheels is 28 nm.
  • The diameter of the wheelbase is 370 mm that is best suited for high-speed bikes.

Now coming to the braking system of Royal Enfield classic 350:

  • Its powerful braking system itself fulfills all its requirements of handling and braking.
  • In the front tires, the brakes consist of 280 mm disc while rear brakes consist of 153 mm drums.
  • It also consists of a 2 piston caliper in the front brakes.
  • This bike has an integrated braking system that will also be beneficial in providing adequate handling.

What features should we opt to get complete coverage in Royal Enfield classic 350 insurance?

As the bike owner already knows that Royal Enfield classic 350 is one of the unique models of Royal Enfield company. Its genuine accessories are hard to find in the market and only authorized service centers have the authority to sell or purchase it.

The Best Bike Insurance plan must have multiple features including comprehensive safety from financial losses as well as have low premiums. If you are going to purchase a Royal Enfield classic 350 insurance plan then we would suggest you compare online for premium prices. There are more than 20 bike insurance companies in India dealing with comprehensive bike insurance plans. Customers will get third party liability coverage in these insurance plans that will protect them from legal proceedings. Third-party coverage plays an important part in case the accident caused damage to another’s property.

Here are some of the important coverage that you can choose while purchasing an Insurance Policy for your Royal Enfield classic 350:
  • Replacement of damaged parts with genuine accessories: There is no doubt that all the insurance companies are providing service, But some of the companies provide replacement with duplicate parts. In the policy clause, it is clearly mentioned that they will provide replacement with genuine parts of duplicate parts. So, it is important to read all the clauses well before opting for an insurance plan. You own a costly bike so what’s the point of repairing it with duplicate accessories.
  • Benefits of cashless transactions: Make sure that the company is providing cashless transactions at all the garages. If they are not providing the cashless service then you have to pay from your pocket. Paying a large amount of money for repairing your bike will be problematic for you. So, it is better to check it before purchasing the insurance policy.
  • Personal accidental cover: Every comprehensive bike insurance policy in default comes with a Personal accidental cover. But to be on the safer side it is important to check whether your company is including this in the policy or not.
  • Company Authorised Service centres: Royal Enfield is a limited edition bike and all the parts and accessories are manufactured on order basis. Only authorized service centers have the right to purchase genuine parts from the Royal Enfield manufacturers. We suggest customers check whether their insurance company deals with authorized service centers or not.


It is necessary to have an insurance plan if you want to ride your bike without risk and troubles. No matter whether you are riding it on an empty road or mountains will have sharp turns. A comprehensive insurance plan will protect you from heavy fines on the road and reimburse the damage caused in the mountains.

Royal Enfield classic 350 is best suited for trekking paths and requires high maintenance. It is important for every customer to check the clause prior to purchasing an insurance plan and make sure that it will cover all the risks. Along with the protection of the bike and the bike owner, you should look for third party damages. In case you will exclude the third party coverage then you have to pay from your pocket for those damages. 

Moreover, comparing an insurance policy online will give you a rough idea of all the coverages and exclusions on the insurance plan. Customers will also get to know the premium prices of different insurance plans. You will get to know the difference in premiums that will help you to save a good amount of money while purchasing insurance plans. Apart from this, you can also purchase an insurance plan online if you are not a tech-savvy person.