What is Travel Insurance?

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance will help you to cover the medical expenditures and financial losses you might experience while traveling. These days everyone wants to travel the world, some people travel for their passion and other travel for their work. So, it is important to have travel insurance if you are a regular traveller. People can travel due to many reasons as student travel in flights for studying abroad, a family can plan a vacation, a businessman can travel to other countries for business meetings or if you are settled abroad then you can also travel to meet you family. It doesn’t matter that you are traveling domestically or internationally, you can face any unforeseen circumstances anytime and anywhere.

What can you cover under Travel insurance?

There are a variety of things that you can cover in travel insurance, but the 5 main points that are essential and cause huge loss if not get covered are:

Accidental Death Insurance for Traveling: It is the most uncommon thing that anyone gets dies while traveling. As the airport authorities will take complete care of the aircraft while traveling but still these things are unpredicted and no one can say about the future. It might possible the due to some fault in your airplane it may get crashed. If you get demise or some serious injury will happen to you then who will look after your family. In that case this insurance will work as life insurance and provide the compensation amount to your family members.

Trip Cancellation: As the name itself defined, this insurance will cover your sudden trip cancellations. The cause of the cancellation can be a change of mind, sudden illness, delay in visa processing, bad weather conditions, business conflicts, postpone in the meeting. These basic things are automatically covered in the insurance plan further, if you still want to take additional coverage benefits then, you have to pay an extra premium. The other coverage that you can get by paying extra is terrorist activity in any boarding or departing country, fire or flood in the house or you met with an accident on the way to the airport. This insurance will pay you for the charges deducted by the airport authorities.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage: The cost of medical evacuation is too high, that a middle-class person has to empty his pocket for getting an emergency evacuation. But on taking insurance you can easily cover this by paying nominal premium charges. Under this insurance, if the passenger faces some type of medical emergency then he can take this insurance to cover the evacuation expenses.

Travel Medical Insurance: This insurance will provide medical protection to the insurer if in case he gets injured or become ill while traveling. Only short-term medical coverage i.e. from 5 days to 1 year, is included in travel medical insurance. To cover it for a long time period you can take major medical insurance. It will cover your local medical fees, charges of doctor and other regular healthcare facilities.

Coverage of stolen luggage: When you are traveling, your bags are full of the essential items that are required while traveling. If your bags get lost in the mid of the trip then it will surely give you a minor attack. At that time, it is not possible for you to go back home and come again taking those essential things from home. This insurance will also cover the lost luggage and provide compensation in the form of money so that you can buy those essential things and continue your journey. 

Does everyone need to purchase travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not for everyone, but who are traveling abroad on a regular basis can take optimum advantage of this insurance. There are lots of people who travel overseas for business meetings, studies, vacations, events, sports, family gatherings or personal meetings. They can use this insurance for a safety purpose, as flight ticket prices are too high and no one can take a risk to spoil their money without any strong reason. By taking this insurance you will get superior security and care at the time of emergency when you get stuck somewhere unpredictability.     

How can you choose the best travel insurance?

There are basic plans already available and you can check them online. Further, if you are a frequent traveller and have to travel abroad twice in a week, then you can take premium plans or multi-trip coverage. If you travel overseas twice or thrice in a quarter year ten you can take the custom plan. Apart from this, if you travel once or twice in a year then you can go with the plan of less premium or pre-trip coverage. At the time of purchasing insurance plans you can check or uncheck several other coverages. Your premium will gradually increase or decrease as per the coverage availed by you. Also, you can choose pre-trip coverage, if you are not a regular traveller.

Top considerations while buying travel insurance

Whenever you are traveling domestically or internationally, you need to get travel insurance. But, some people still don’t think of purchasing travel insurance. They think it an unwanted expense. With travel insurance, you can protect yourself from a financial catastrophe in different countries during any sort of urgency.  Hospital cash allowance, overseas medical emergency, companion’s travel cover, and accommodation expenses are some of the benefits of travel insurance. Though it depends on the type of insurance you are choosing, you will still get a long list of advantages. 

After comprehending the requirements of this insurance, people usually go for buying it. For the policyholder, it is important to analyze all the plans and needs before buying it. In the market, there is the availability of multiple plans for travel insurance. You cannot just buy a random plan by just looking at your friends or colleagues. Your requirements for insurance might be different from them. Therefore, to find the best travel insurance, make sure to follow all these critical considerations one by one:

Focus on the risk factor

While traveling, you can encounter many types of risks. These include luggage damaged or lost, medical emergency, and many more. Every travel has its own sets of risks that can happen to anyone anytime. So, you need to analyze the nature of travel and risk associated with it so that you can get the best travel insurance. Travel insurance can provide you higher cover to financially secure in such unexpected situations. 

Identification of your requirements

As discussed above, everyone has different requirements and expectations from travel insurance. The best part is that you won’t have to pay for a plan that you don’t want.  Right from coverage to risks and premiums or nature of the destination, all these need to be considered carefully while buying travel insurance. 

Policy duration

Another important consideration is to be focused on the policy duration. Generally, the policyholder can choose for a single or multi-trip option as per their travel need. This is depended on the travel plans of the person. If a person is making frequent trips in a year then he/she should for multi-trip policy. For the yearly vacation of the trip, a single trip policy would be just fine. In comparison with a single trip, the multi-trip policy is highly beneficial as it helps in saving you from the hassles of buying the individual policies for the trips. 

Another fact that cannot be denied is that unexpected travels. In such a situation, you will have to extend your trip. So, while choosing a travel plan, ask for the chances of extending your trip. Considering all that, you need to review the duration of the policy cover. 

Knowing the Claims Settlement process 

Reviewing the claim settlement of the policy is as important as coverage and policy duration. So, you cannot forget this factor when looking for the best travel insurance. The claim settlement ratio is mainly the number of insurance claims that have been approved against the claims made. If there is a poor claim settlement ratio then you should avoid getting from the insurer. 

Destination cover of the policy

This might appear obvious to us but sometimes people just buy the travel insurance in so hurry that they don’t even look at the coverage. But, you always need to have a look at this find out whether they provide cover to your selected destination or not. One fact that cannot be ignored is that every policy has different cover and terms. In such a situation, you must choose a policy that ensures good geographical coverage. There are options for global policies but make sure to read their clauses and terms carefully. 

Premiums of the plan

The premium of insurance depends on the destination. In some countries, medical costs are high. So for these countries, premiums are also a bit high. The policyholder is needed to compare this feature of premium with some policies to shortlist the names of the policies. 

Cover for valuables

Have you ever lost your luggage at the airport or other important valuable during travel? What will you do in these situations? Though the loss of valuable is uncommon, unexpected emergencies can hit you hard anytime. Well, some policies also entertain this type of claim. So, you must have a look at this consideration when buying the best travel insurance. 

To sum up

As discussed above, you will get to know that travel insurance comes with multiple benefits. Therefore, it’s important to choose it wisely by considering different factors such as cover, type of plan, and destination. One needs to differentiate the available travel insurance policies on different aspects and features in order to find the suitable one based on specific needs.