Best Travel Insurance-A Complete Buying Guide

Travel Insurance

Planning for a trip to a new location is often a thought filled with fun & excitement. But, you must ensure safety during the travel. The best travel insurance in India allows you to stay safe during travelling from various uncertainties, such as loss of luggage & travel documents, healthcare emergencies, thefts, etc. While visiting an all-new place, especially a foreign land, you require reliable support that offers financial protection against these unforeseen situations.

The online travel Insurance offers coverage for travel-related expenses & losses. For people travelling either domestic or abroad, travel insurance covers their medical expenses, passport loss, baggage loss/delay, personal accident protection, and much more. Kindly note that the cover of these losses varies from company to company as there are several providers of the best travel insurance in India.

Why do I require Best Travel Insurance in India?

The question of whether or not you need travel insurance is challenging as there is a lot to consider. However, in the end, it’s primarily a question of expenses. Online travel insurance is a crucial consideration for all kinds of trips and travellers. Be it the individuals on a business trip, couples on their honeymoon, families visiting abroad in summers, or backpackers on their wanderlust. If a medical emergency arises on foreign land and health treatment is immediately required, a travel insurance policy would help you cover those costs. It not only is a safety cover against unforeseen health expenses but also protects against other travel emergencies, such as baggage or passport loss, etc.

1. Protects from Unforeseen Health Issues

The best travel insurance in India gives you security while you are on a journey. Despite how precise & careful our plans are, several things are there that could go wrong while travelling. It then makes us feel helpless, especially when we are in a foreign country. The health emergency costs that we did not take the budget for could result in a financial burden, hence making the entire travel experience turn unpleasant. It is where a travel insurance policy handles the command as it offers coverage for health emergencies and that too cashless.

Furthermore, since the overseas medical expenses are usually 3-4 times more costly than in India, a health visit, even for a minor condition, can cost you a lot. The best travel insurance in India not just covers minor health issues but also protects you in the event of critical and life-threatening illnesses. Besides, some insurance plans also offer services, such as air ambulance, health evacuation, etc.

2. True Companion on an Unknown Land

A travel insurance policy that offers round-the-clock customer service for insurance claims overseas is a faithful companion who helps join geographical limitations & language bars. A travel insurance policy ensures that there is a dedicated team to support you in the event of any travel or health-related emergencies. Be it the ambulance services, admission to the closest hospital, medical evacuation, or explaining the step-by-step process for issuance of lost travel documents. The best travel insurance in India offers a hassle-free process for the insured as the customer support team would deal with the local health services providers directly.

3. Personal Liability Coverage

Sometimes, there might be an emergency that involves third party damage (person or property), and the insured person bears the expenses for the same. To cover these expenses, some travel insurers also offer a feature known as “Personal Liability”, in which the insurer pays the costs for third party injuries/loss.

4. Emergencies Related to Travel

There are times where we might come through non-medical emergencies such as loss of baggage, laptop, passport, international DL, laptop, or travel delays due to bad weather that could result in a missed flight or no-show at a hotel reservation. Travel insurance policies offer financial backup to cover these emergencies. Some companies even compensate for visa fees in the event of its rejection. Hence, it is considered ideal to opt for a travel insurance policy to handle such circumstances in a hassle-free manner.

5. Mandatory Document

Some countries have made travel insurance mandatory for all travellers. There are also times when visa applications get rejected due to the absence of travel insurance policy documents. Hence, before visiting any foreign country, it would be best to check whether or not that country has made travel insurance mandatory for visitors. Below are the benefits to buy travel insurance online. 

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Benefits of the Best Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance allows you to avail coverage irrespective of your geographical location.
  • It also allows you to choose from a plethora of travel-related plans & packages to different locations.
  • You can select both short & long term travel insurance policies.
  • It also enables you to choose amongst several options of loss coverage and facilities.

You might be having an existing health insurance plan, but that only covers health care emergencies while you are in your home country. Most travel insurance policies offer cashless hospitalisation facilities and health care transportation services. They might provide you with a unique card that can be used to opt for a cashless treatment facility at their network hospitals. However, not all insurers offer cashless facilities and require the insured person to clear the medical dues from their pocket, and make a claim request for the same later.

What all Affects the Costs of Best Travel Insurance?

Buy travel insurance online and get ready to travel seamlessly. Each one of us gets too exhilarated about the thought of travelling and holidays. We begin with making a list of all the places to go, setting a tentative budget of expenses, and finally making the bookings. However, most people never think of opting for a travel insurance policy during this entire preparation.

Whenever you plan for a trip, either domestic or abroad, for a business purpose, education, or just leisure, a travel insurance plan should be the foremost thing you must think of doing. Buy travel insurance online as it protects you against the casualties that may occur, it would be best to follow a safe path and get yourself a travel insurance plan that would be a lifesaving cover for you if any unforeseen event occurs during your travel. Buy a policy from the best travel insurance company in India after comparing several policies online. 

Several insurance providers are there that offer numerous travel insurance policies at different prices. It is you who has to choose which plan suits you the best and at what price. Moreover, the premiums of travel insurance plans also differ as it is based on several determinants. Hence, it is considered essential to have a rough knowledge about these determinants that decide the premium amount you would be paying for your travel policy. Kindly have a look at those factors below:

1. Duration of the Trip

Compare and buy travel insurance online as various travel insurance companies offer various types of travel insurance to meet your requirements. It is important as you don’t know when you can fall sick. Hence, the longer your trip duration, the more will be your travel insurance premium. Nevertheless, it would be best to get your trip insured no matter how long or short your travel duration is. Choose the best travel insurance company in India from a range of insurance service providers. 

2. Trip Destination

Your travel destination also significantly affects your travel insurance premium amount. Among all the Asian places to visit, Japan has the highest premium prices for travel insurance as it is most prone to natural calamities, such as tsunamis and earthquakes. Likewise, you would pay higher premium amounts for your online travel insurance if you travel overseas, such as U.S. or Canada, as the overall medical costs in these countries are considerably high compared to Southeast Asian nations.

3. Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Buy travel insurance online and get a cover against pre-existing health issues even while traveling. Any physical conditions or illnesses diagnosed before purchasing an insurance plan. Kindly note that this is another significant point that decides the premium of your travel insurance. Most travel insurance companies do not offer coverage for pre-existing health issues. Even if they do, the policy premium is extremely higher. Hence, If your travel insurance provider offers coverage for pre-existing health issues, it would be best that you disclose your pre-existing illness(if any) before purchasing the insurance. In the event you do not declare any, your insurance claim will be considered as dishonest and your policy will be voided.

While declaring a pre-existing health condition in your insurance, you are also asked to fill a survey form that describes your health history. It could be anything, such as breathing issues, diabetes, or a critical illness like cancer. Suppose, during your travel, you end up facing an expensive medical treatment related to a pre-existing health issue. In that case, your insurance provider is liable to bear those expenses beforehand, provided you have mentioned that condition while buying the policy.

4. Coverage Type

Most insurance providers provide two types of policy cover, i.e. medical only & comprehensive. The premium for comprehensive travel insurance is relatively higher as compared to medical-only insurance as the former offers extensive coverage. As an alternative, the best travel insurance company provides customised plans that you can personalise as per your trip.

5. Sum Assured

Moreover, just like any other insurance, a travel insurance policy also has a maximum sum assured. Several insurance providers offer numerous types of cover for individuals as per the budget. Kindly note that the premium of travel insurance increases with rising in its sum assured. Although a high policy premium might sound like an additional cost, the more sum assured ensures a sufficient level of protection against potentially massive losses.

6. Insured Person’s Age

The insured person’s age also plays a crucial role in deciding the premium of travel insurance. Older individuals are considered more prone to any injury or illness, and hence, they are charged more policy premium as compared to younger travellers. Most travel insurers classify age into different groups with those aged less than 60 paying the least policy premium. Those aged between 60-65 bear a slight premium rise and those aged above 70 years have to pay a significant hike in the policy premium. However, every insurance provider has different policy prices, so it’s best to search and compare different plans, and pick one that best suits your requirements.

Best Travel Insurance: Different Types

In the plethora of options to choose from, it is crucial that you find the ideal travel insurance policy that best takes care of your travel requirements. The online travel insurance purchase can be made efficiently since the market is comprehensive. With a wide range of offers and extra benefits, you can select the right plan for them. Some travel insurance companies also provide customisable insurance policies, where the policyholder can look for the options that are of their needs and exclude what is not.

To make things easy for you here follows a list of the different types of travel insurance policies that are available in the market for you. Have a thorough look and make your decision carefully. With different norms and conditions, you might find your ideal travel insurance online at one click.

1. Travel Medical Insurance

When you are far from home and have to face any medical attention during your trip, it is important to have a helping hand along with whatever means possible. A travel insurance policy is your helping hand in such times. Having such a travel insurance policy when you are away from home can ensure and cover the dues of your uncertain health. A routine or timely medical checkup is usually not covered in travel insurance; however, at times of unfortunate events when there is an immediate need for medical attention, such situations come under the insurance policy.

On the other hand, there are certain events which are not covered in travel insurance like a sports activity or an adventure like skydiving, parasailing, horse riding, etc. Hence, for such events, you may buy travel insurance accordingly.

2. International Travel Insurance

International travel insurance plans have a different way of acting. You can enjoy the benefits of a travel insurance plan throughout the country; however, it might not be effective when travelling outside the country. For such plans, you have to look for a specially planned international travel insurance plan. Such plans will help you in medical and in various other ways, like lost or stolen valuables, etc.

3. Domestic Travel Insurance

A travel insurance plan for a trip that is planned within the country is the domestic travel insurance plan. Such plans include and exercise the benefits within the country. Some policies specify the region as well where the policyholder is planning a trip. It can also guide how domestic travel insurance can benefit the policyholder.

4. Trip Cancellation, Interruption, or Delay

Cancellation of a trip is one of the most common expenses that most people without a travel insurance policy face. However, you can avoid paying the cancellation fee, interruption, or delay charges when you have one of the best travel insurance plans. With this, you can retrieve the nonrefundable expenses in case the trip is out of business or at times of cancellation. You can also exercise the benefits of a travel insurance policy at times of your sickness, death of a family member who is not travelling along or at times of natural disasters.

On the other hand, in case a trip gets interrupted, the cost of the unused part of the trip is usually used as compensation. However, with a reliable travel insurance policy, such expenses get outlined in the plan. You can even enjoy the extra benefits of lodging meals in case the trip has been delayed.

5. Baggage and Personal Belongings

When you are travelling, there are chances that you might lose your baggage and personal belongings. In case you face damage to your personal belongings, lost baggage, or stolen valuable items, you can always receive compensation for the same by availing the benefits of travel insurance plans. Such are the times when your travel insurance plan can turn out to be the best travel insurance. In fact, you may not have to pay for the delay charges that might happen while sorting out your lost or stolen pieces of baggage.

6. Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation, And Repatriation

Different regions have different atmospheres, and you might fall sick or get injured at such times. Yet, your medical assistance or travel insurance policy will help you cover the expenses. While the repatriation and evacuation vary from each other, both ensure the policy holder’s return to its home country. The medical evacuation pays for your transportation to the nearest hospital at medical emergencies while the repatriation takes care of your return to the native.

7. 24 Hour Assistance

Since travel insurance policies are sometimes complex to understand, you can need help anytime. Hence, many travel insurance companies provide 24-hour assistance to their customers. It enables the customers to clarify any doubts at any suitable time. This feature eliminates the wasting time and waiting at times of emergencies related to travel insurance. In this wide array of services, some options might vary from company to company. However, rest assured to find 24-hour assistance with your travel insurance plan at all times.

8. Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Life is very uncertain; however, there are ways through which you can provide a certain amount for the beneficiary even after death. When on a trip, if there is a situation of the policy holder’s death or accident, the travel insurance policy will be there to provide help. In fact, even when the policyholder decides to discontinue its membership, the travel insurance shall pay back the lump sum to the beneficiary.

9. Cover for Car Rental Services

Travelling can be very uncertain, and hence you must have an emergency plan ready for your rescue. Hence, in a travel insurance policy, it would be best to check for car rental coverage options as well. Such plans are helpful when you are on a trip in a rental car. At times of natural disasters, wrecks, and vandals, paying from the pocket can cause you a fortune. However, if you have rental car coverage, your dues will be covered under it. Such insurance plans pay for the vehicle damages and the charges of medication and treatment in case of accidents.

How can I get the Best Travel Insurance?

When you are finding the ideal travel insurance from the plethora of options, below-cited are a few pointers that would ease the process for you.

  • If you are planning to book your next trip through your credit card, you might want to check the extra benefits that it might have to offer. Some credit card companies offer trip cancellation and interruption coverage included in your trip. Such are the things that are based on the use of your credit card. Although such coverages are not customisable, yet it is beneficial that you know what you want and what is already in your bucket.
  • Getting travel insurance online from the best travel insurance company in India. It is one of the other easy and efficient ways of getting your ideal travel insurance. It gives you the option to research and compare different platforms and finalise the insurance plan that suits your needs in the best ways. Along with that, it is always a hustle free medium of getting the best travel insurance.
  • You can also buy travel insurance if you reach out to a travel insurance company directly. The assistance and a team of professionals will guide you to get the right plans for your travel needs.

The best travel insurance company in India helps you to buy one of the best travel insurance plans that suits your needs in the right ways. However, it is essential to be careful to avoid falling into the trap of fraud.

Things To Remember While Buying the Best Travel Insurance

Travel insurances can give you a lot of benefits if you know how to find the right travel insurance for you. For that, you must not forget the following four factors before buying your travel insurance online.

1. Evaluate Final Risks

You must understand and evaluate the travelling risks that might occur. You must be aware of the possible costs and how your travel insurance will help you with it. 

2. Examine Your Coverage

Understanding the factors that cover in your travel insurance is necessary. It is very important to know what other factors can come in handy. For example, check if your credit card offers you the best travel insurance or any plans for your travel locations.

3. Choose Package Of Benefit and Compare

Make a smart move and compare similar travel insurance online before finalising. Online travel insurance comparison gives an idea of what is going on around and what might be the best selection for you. 

4. Know What is Excluded

Knowing all the aspects that are covered in a travel insurance plan is essential and very helpful too. But, it is necessary that you do not forget to go through the things that are not covered in the plan. This helps in avoiding any misunderstandings and confusion between both the insurer and the policyholder.


Travelling is undoubtedly a pleasure and an ultimate getaway for most people from day to day life. However, having a safe and secure journey is what adds up to the joys of life. Unpredictability is more of a charm for adventures and travellers, but you can always secure your trip by having reliable travel insurance. Now that you have a full guide to get your travel insurance, make sure you use this information in a better way. Having a thorough knowledge of what you want and what you need will always help you get the best for yourself. Take some time out to find about the different factors following travel insurance to the benefits and things to remember. This information will help you make the right choice with ease and in a more informative way.

Not just that, but with a reliable travel insurance plan by your side, you will always know you will have a backup at times of emergencies. Be a smart member and buy travel insurance now to enjoy the benefits on your next trip. It will not just help you in your emergencies or uncertainties, but will also be a help to the beneficiaries after you. So what is stopping you now? Get yourself the best travel insurance and embark on your travel story.


This type of insurance provides coverage against the losses incurred during the travel either domestically or abroad.
Travel insurance covers personal accident, loss of documents, flight cancellation and many more.
Some of the exclusions of Travel insurance are glasses, cash, tickets, passports and cell phones.
No, there is no compulsory in buying travel insurance but it comes with various benefits that the insured person can get while traveling.
Travel insurance plans come with different coverage, premium, and benefits. Comprehending all these, people should buy the right travel insurance.
Travel insurance provides coverage for the traveler’s trip cancellations, travel delays, medical emergency and lost luggage.
International travel insurance offers protection against unexpected medical and non-medical emergencies during the policy holder’s international trip.
The best insurance policy lets you know about various travel insurance plans and helps you to compare with other insurer’s plans.
Family travel insurance plans cover your entire family in one policy. Family will get covered for incidental expenses, coverage for hospitalization and many others.
Travel insurance can be availed online from the insurer’s website. All the information will be available on the website.