Car Insurance Policy

What types of claim facilities does car insurance provide?

There is a variety of damage for which you can take claim in car insurance. The time taken to claim the settlement depends on the type of damage. If the car is completely damaged then it will take more time to repair it but if there is some minor damage then it will take a few hours only. Here are some important claim types of car insurance:

Roadside assistance claim: This claim will help you to to your vehicle in case it gets damaged in an accident. This is an optional claim that you can avail of. In some cases, the insurance provider pays the complete cost of towing and you don’t have to pay anything for it.

Glass damage claim: This claim will only provide expenses of the glass if your car gets damaged. You have to provide the images and other related information to the insurance provider and they will provide you complete reimbursement of the repairing cost. Further, in this case, they will also provide you the OEM and take the extra cost for it.

Total loss claim: This claim has the lengthiest process among all as it relates to the major monetary loss. Claiming for total loss can take more than one month to settle. Under this claim, the vehicle is in the totaled condition so the owner has to provide all the related images of the damage and the information to the Insurance provider for successful claim settlement.

Physical damage claim: This claim will cover the physical damage in the car and it takes 2-3 weeks to complete the claiming process. If in case the car is drivable then you can drive it, otherwise borrow or rent a car as per your requirement until it gets repaired.

What alternatives can you take if it is taking too much time for claim settlement?

In most of the cases, it will take up to one week when there are some major issues with the vehicle. But there is always an exception so in certain cases it will take a month to get your vehicle repaired or make a claim. If your car is in drivable condition then it will be a cherry on the cake but if it gets completely damaged then you have to search for an alternative option to driving to your office. The backup plan you can take are:

Take a rental car: this is the best suitable substitute you can choose, as it will cost money but will not hamper your time and family. Also, rental cars are safe and cost-effective to use.

Borrow a car from a friend: Maybe it will not cost you money but it is also not possible to keep a car from your friend. Apart from all, it is also not necessary that they will allow you to keep their vehicle for so long. So, this might be risky as you have to take care of the car so well, that even one extra scratch on the car will create a problem for you.

Which type of damage is not covered in the car insurance policy?

A car insurance policy will take care of all the major damage caused to your car but there are some exceptions that will not be covered under a car insurance policy:

  • Wear and tear in the engine due to oil leakage will not be covered.
  • If any damage will happen between the expiry and the next renewal date of the policy then it will not be covered.
  • Loss or damage caused due to nuclear perils or war will not be covered under the insurance policy.
  • The electrical and mechanical breakdown is not covered.
  • Any damage or accident that is dome intentional to harm the other person will not be covered.
  • Tire damage is not covered under the policy
  • Accidental damage that is caused due to Drunk and drive will not be considered under the policy.

Procedure to make a claim after the car accident:

You have to claim for the losses to take reimbursement of the damage caused to your vehicle from the insurance company. After that they will arrange an investigation session to find the genuinity of the accident, whether the accident is caused intentionally or it was real. If they found you true, then they will pay for the damage. By the following steps you can make a claim:

  • First of all, call the insurance company to inform them about the damage.
  • Report a complaint in the nearby police station.
  • Make a record of the details about another car’s driver such as contact number, car number, name and valid id proof. Also, look for the eye witness available at the time of an accident like shopkeepers having their shop near the accident location.
  • Now file a claim online or manually to your insurance company. Ask them to provide an inspector to evaluate the losses and further action will be taken by the insurance company.

At the time of filing the claim form, the insurance company will ask you for some documents. If you are unable to provide those documents, they will reject your claim. Here are the documents that you have to submit at the time of policy claim:

  • Documents of your insurance policy
  • Xerox of FIR that you have filed in the police station
  • Properly filled claim form with your signature mentioned on it.
  • Registration certificate (RC) of your vehicle
  • Xerox of driving license (DL)
  • A detailed estimation of the repairing cost
  • Images of the damaged caused
  • In case of any injuries caused to a passenger, Medical reports are required

If you provide all these documents, then it will take a week to get a successful claim. The time taken to complete the settlement process will completely depend on the authorities. Whether they are doing the process smoothly or not. Further, they will also set up an investigation for this to check the genuinity of the case. If they find anything suspicious then they also have the right to reject your claim.

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